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Hierarchy of drug trafficking

Friday, August 8, 2008

The Clay County Sheriff's Department and Brazil City Police Department provided The Brazil Times with some information about how the hierarchy of drug trafficking often works as a way to better educate the public.

TOP LEVEL: Members of the

South American drug cartels

These are the people who manufacture, grow and distribute mass quantities (example: vehicle loads) of "pure" illegal drugs into the United States across the borders using southern and southwestern drug pipelines.


regional distributors

Usually agents who report back to family members, these people are held accountable by the cartels for the distribution of the product from a major city. At this point the product is usually distributed in large quantities (in pounds) to smaller areas. The individuals in the first two levels sell drugs like it is a business, insulating themselves from prosecution and, according to officials, are rarely involved with using the product they sell.

THIRD LEVEL: Top Dealer/Distributors

Understanding the destructive nature of drugs, these "business-like" individuals have a tendency to avoid using the product, but not always. They "cut" their product with another substance to sell it in bulk and make a better profit. These insulated and well-hidden individuals potentially sell product by the pound or ounces to "known and trusted" dealers.

FOURTH LEVEL: Mid-level Dealers

Many of these individuals have been in the drug culture for a while and "might be" selling to support a habit. With a "player" mentality, these individuals cut their product to be able to sell numerous ounce packets for more profit, but, because they are more visible, they also begin to fall prey to mistakes.


These individuals usually have worked their way up from "user" status to deal drugs to support their particular habit. These "somewhat cautious" dealers are selling multiple grams of products that have been cut several times with known contacts.

SIXTH LEVEL: Small time dealers/users

Desperate for a "fix," these small-time dealers could potentially cut the product with anything and will deal with anyone to support their habit. Officials describe these individuals as paranoid of the world they are caught up in, but unable to wrench themselves from the drugs.

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