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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Here's to a job well done

Sunday, August 10, 2008

The following is a comment that was posted on The Brazil Times' website for the story, "Drug raid, warrant sweep nets numerous arrests," which was posted Aug. 5:

"I am very pleased to see all these arrests making the news and the front page or our paper. The only problem I see is the ones who were arrested are what I consider "the users and the losers." These are the people that get hooked, and then began to sell, to supply their habit. Yes, they needed to be arrested, and I'm sorry to say, my niece is one of them. But they are in fact, victims, too.

We need to see the big guys arrested, the major suppliers. Then maybe we can see things change in our town. Until that happens, this is just a show. To let us think the officials in our town are "trying" to stop the drug trafficking, to have us "believe" they are on top of things. Well, I for one don't believe it! It's went on for too long and is only getting worse. The "victims" go to jail and th "big guys" get richer..."

Victims? Really?

I'm not sure if that is the word I would use to describe someone who is in fact, a drug addict.

People want these "victims" taken off the streets.

The majority of the public is sick of this "filth."

They want the community cleaned up.

Someone who has decided to use drugs for a living is not necessarily a "victim."

That person made the decision. They have to live with it.

I'm quite certain that person didn't have another person standing next to them twisting their arm telling them to use drugs.

That person bowed down to peer pressure, sure. There's no argument there. But that person who decided to use illegal drugs could have said no.

It's simple. A one syllable word. No. People say that word at least 100 times daily.

No. No. No. No. No.

It's as simple as saying yes.

Is there a growing drug problem here in Clay County? Possibly.

Are law enforcement officials doing everything they can to combat it? I believe so.

Investigations like this take time. They can't be taken care of in a matter of hours, like is the case often in televisions shows.

The following is another comment left on the same story:

"These may not be "high-profile" arrests -- but let's face it:?Any drug arrests are good for our community -- maybe someday this will all lead to the "high-profile" arrests you are speaking of -- give due credit to the Clay County Sheriff's Department for the drug arests -- at least they're trying to get the drugs out of our community."

Well said.

The further arrests made due to illegal drug activity can only be a good thing for this community.

Once again, these investigations take time. It doesn't happen overnight.

But the more arrests made, the better people will feel in this community.

And I for one think that's a good thing.

These arrests can't be viewed as anything other than a good thing.

Here's a tip of the hat to the law enforcement officials that worked this drug raid.

Here's to a job well done.

You deserve it.