Letter to the Editor

Believing in the right to an education

Sunday, August 10, 2008

To the Editor:

We have been trying to get our grandson enrolled in Northview or their alternative school.

The only choice that they gave us was for him to get a GED (Gutless Educator's Decision).

The principal at Northview is adamant that our grandson will not be allowed to enroll in either school.

I had an appointment Aug. 4, at 3 p.m., to talk to a counselor. I received a call from the counselor informing me that she had spoken to the principal and that the appointment was canceled and that our grandson was not allowed to enroll in school.

After talking to the counselor, I got to thinking about the word principal and some of the meanings of the word.

Like (a) a person who has controlling authority (dictator); (b) the chief executive officer of an educational institution (high school); (c) a leading performer (actor); (d) the chief or an actual participant in a crime; and last but not least (e) the constrictor that gives shape and strength to a roof, is usually one of several trusses.

Does that mean that the principal at Northview can be a dictator at the high school, be an actor, commit a crime and hold up the roof? It seems that he does all the aforementioned, except commit a crime. Four out of five isn't bad.

After dealing with the staff at Northview, I can now understand why there are so many young persons in Clay County that do not have an education.

That can also explain why the unemployment rate is so high. Their employment choices are very limited.

The state and Federal government are pushing education. However, Northview staff could care less.

We know some persons and have met others that are illiterate yet they have diplomas from Northview. A couple of persons that we know cannot read or write, yet they have a diploma from Northview.

Our grandson is not illiterate. He has received certificates and praise for writing poetry and prose.

One of the reasons that we were given was that our grandson was 18 and could get his GED.

Not long ago, there was a person who graduated from Northview who was older than 18. It would seem that it isn't how old you are or how smart you are. It's your status on the pecking order.

Any excuse will work. If someone does not want you at Northview, you will not be allowed there.

Our grandson is a nonconformist. Therefore, he is not accepted at Northview. However, his sister was allowed to graduate and receive a diploma from Northview. She too, is a nonconformist.

The difference being she was given a chance. She is now enrolled in college.

We do not believe that anyone should be denied the opportunity to receive an education.

The bottom line is, he may be forced to take a GED, and pay for it, and once he gets a job, he will be expected, no, he will be required, to pay taxes for Clay County Schools.

So he will help pay for other students what he has been denied.

The right to an education.

Jim Gullifor,