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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today is Saturday and I am home alone. I finished the mowing, so; if the clouds decide to give us something to talk about; I won't mind. The clustered clippings from the dew- dampened mix of grasses at the homestead are scattered about. Boy, that was a close shave. Slow me; I caught it just short of the baler. I can't say that I did my best do this time around. Old Nelly didn't have time to wait around for the sunshine. Work is piling up in the little blue house at the end of the road. There are plenty of cuttings left in the season to smooth out the rough spots later.

I'm filling that new freezer that Paul Baby had delivered. Peaches, quick frozen zucchini medallions and more has been added to the new container this afternoon-- processed, signed, sealed and delivered.

Last week, my leg and foot were giving me further concern. I visited my primary care provider. I know she will get to the bottom of my problem, if the temporary or complete elimination of medication doesn't help. A generic form of the pill might have brought about unfavorable side effects; therefore I didn't hesitate to address the symptoms with my doctor. Further testing may be needed. In the meantime, I am up and running on a bum leg, the other leg, aching feet and cheap gas. Come on, my senior friends, you know what I'm spouting about. It's all about bones.

Folks, I don't k now why anyone in their right mind would want to use drugs when they are not medically necessary. They can't be taken lightly!

Besides, if I want a high, I talk to you, through this newspaper and keep my nose clean. I do look and act a little goofy, but that began long before drugs and drug busts were popular in my neck of the woods.

The worn out look came about naturally and who cares? Paul Baby always complements me when I dish out his pills. If I place a plate of homemade cookies or a favorite pie before him, according to my little blinded guy, I am the most beautiful woman in the world. I laugh and the mirror cracks-up. At this stage we take what we can get and go with it!

Did I hear someone whisper something about a road map? Well folks, that can follows a long journey and a good trip.

Now about a turkey of the feathered kind! Last Thursday afternoon, while conversing with my sister, Sandra on the cell and tasking around the kitchen; I heard a noise near the back step. I opened the back door. A wild hen turkey was standing there stretching her long legs, craning her long neck, and singing her clucking song. I shared the music with "Cebbie." The bird was still hanging around when my special caller hung up. I went out on the porch and jerky turkey moved toward a clearing that I carved out of the woods for future cookouts.

She again ran back toward me and then; I learned what she bravely brought for show and tell.

Gray, the woods cat, was all eyes and Taffy, the happy drop off, slept through it all, too pregnant to care. The lean lady wearing dull feathers is a young mom. Near the edge of my grassy knoll, her constant clucking (kut) sound brought together nine healthy young and spunky turkey poults, approximately six or seven weeks old.

No doubt, she nested nearby the edge or the pasture, in the spring. The birds are big enough now to nest in the trees, hang out with the big guy and the rest of a larger picture. There are millions of juicy bugs, crickets and such, greens and beans to eat and predators to meet and defeat. Like the contents of the light brown speckled eggs left behind in the nest, some will not survive.

Such a beautiful sight, I wish that my dad and Norval could have seen little hen and her brood. They, also, enjoyed the simple pleasures that wildlife life can provide, when one take time to stand still, whisper and observe.

Last night, my eldest grandson, Michael Risk, and the love of his life, Kayleigh Paige Fredenburg came to the little blue house at the end of the road. I served a full course meal of comfort food. Everyone seemed to like it. After a hearty meal we sat down to talk and digest what Michael had to tell us about the night of July 19, 2008. The brief phone call that I received at the time told me little to tell you. Michael spilled the beans. I'll take a pot shot at getting this right.

After a courtship of six years, Michael decided the time was right to ask Kayleigh to marry him. He did the proper thing and asked Mr. Frendenburg for his daughter's hand in marriage. He gave the ambitious young man his blessing. Michael wanted to make sure that the proposal would be special and memorable. He mapped out a plan to set the stage. The die-hard fan called on his friends at the "Comedy Sportz" in Chicago to help him out.

Kayleigh knew nothing of Mike's plan. She only knew they were spending time in the windy city visiting Shedd Aquarium and that they would be dining at Ed Debidic's Restaurant, a fun place with a 50's style setting.

Afterward they would visit the improve theater, which they did. They gained pre-planned front row seating.

After intermission the young actor/ comedians did a skit that required props from the audience. They grabbed up Kaylieh. One actor covered the young woman's eyes. He said, "Hear no evil --See no evil." That was Michael' cue to uncover her eyes. A hush came over the packed house. On bent knee Kayleigh's prince in shining armor's moment had arrived. He took a beautiful diamond ring from his pocket and asked the lovely nursing student to marry him. The crowd went wild. Kayliegh said, "YES!"

Two local TV stations, CBS Chicago, and an affiliate of NBC covered the pair's magical moment and you can, as well, by logging on to Comedy Sportz Chicago and hooking onto "Love and Laughter."

The club is where the late Chris Farley and Chevy Chase got their starts.

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