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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Last week, four of Lori Ann's daughter's, Alexis, Sarah, Olivia and Elizabeth Cory gathered together to help their father, Bruce Cory celebrate his 50th birthday. Bruce lives in Terre Haute.

Our granddaughters and four of our great-grandchildren, Dylan, Maddie, Leland, and Caden came to visit us. After a wonderful long awaited visit with the folks that dwell in the little blue house at the end of the road, all too soon, we found ourselves waiting again. They were on planes and highways headed home to places near and far.

Lori and her family in Denver weren't celebrating anything last week. A robber came in the night. While Lori and Clifford and our youngest granddaughter, Mary Shannon Patrick slept, an intruder(s) managed to move about their home and steal Lori's purse and its contents: money, important cards, keys etc. Gone! The sticky fingered burglar grabbed Cliff's laptop up that contained company business.

The bold culprit(s) found the stairs. While Mary slept, the intruder(s) unplugged her electronic equipment from behind the headboard of her bed.

Lori parked her shiny new Jeep beneath her bedroom window when she arrived home the night before. The vehicle is also missing. Possessions were removed that belonged to each of the family members and nothing else, other than the goods mentioned. Big-ticket items, televisions and such, easily accessible, remained untouched.

The Patricks are disappointed, but they consider themselves lucky; no one was physically harmed.

The Denver Police Department assigned a detective to the case.

Both, Lori and Cliff work at the largest airport in the United States-- Denver International Airport. It is located in the northeastern most part of that city.

Mary Shannon attends a private school dedicated to academic excellence, located in the heart of Denver. Now she has more homework. She will be sleeping with one eye open, armed with a cell.

I have been reading a lot about family reunions lately. Ours were few and I made do. I have been a guest of several families at their fun filled fact finding family picnics.

As I have said before, the sweltering heat of summer does not hamper the success of a well-planned old- fashioned family reunion. Folks are brought together, because of having genealogical connections and affinity to certain ancestors.

A mix of kinfolk, some bearing resemblance to each other, set aside a few hours each year to enjoy fellowship and reminisce. They swap truths, stretch the truth, and spout untruths, all filters through the ears of the family and guests. Everyone laughs and/or cries. Albums are opened and new mug shots are taken. Sometimes, someone will show his or her backside or bad side, if you prefer, and folks will laugh until they cry, a reason for more pictures.

Then some loud mouth impatient picnic crasher will complain "When do we eat?" The women folk will start fumbling with the Tupperware lids and flipping off twice used foil, jockeying toward being the first to present a sticky, casserole scratched out of their great-great-great grandma's recipe. Then she will say something like; "It was handed down by MY great --great aunt. She ran away with her uncle's wife's brother, taking nothing but the clothes on her fat back and that treasured recipe with her." Then she'll claim that it is a recipe to die for.

The withered widow of darkness, wearing a too tight mini skirt and a stretched -out tube top that rests on her belly, served it to every dead husband that she had and then suggests, "Try it!" You look the dish over and come close to upping your Tums. Then, she can't understand why everyone ate the potato salad purchased - from the deli at Kroger. Come on folks- hang in there!

Some old soldier will tell you how he won a war single-handedly and offer to show you his well-healed wounds or worse than that--flirts. You quickly glance through your fingers and shudder. Did you ever touch a "what is it?" beneath a funny smelling plastic tablecloth, then, felt like washing your hands in the ice water in the cooler? I did! Did you ever smell something that you couldn't identify, but you knew someone in the crowd could?

Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is when relatives unite and show off their singing talents and more; you have nothing to offer, other than, a red face?

Most of my family is gone now, but if they could come back, if only for a little while; I believe that a reunion would bring a song from my heart that the whole world could hear!

Rhonda Barr will celebrate her birthday Sept. 1. Happy Birthday Rhonda! The Sartor family sends love and best wishes to you, a little early. Have a wonderful day!

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.