Letter to the Editor

Please accept the apology

Sunday, August 24, 2008

To the Editor:

I write this letter with my sincerest apologies to the community. Before a true understanding of the depth of my regrets can be gained, however, I must share a single day in my life.

On Tuesday, Aug. 19, I had a doctor's appointment in Brazil. Normally, this is a mundane event occurring in all of our lives every now and again, but this day, something was different.

I was driving my husband's dark blue extended cab pickup truck and, without explanation, it seemed my drive to the doctor was of the highest priority to everyone.

People were overly kind. They were flagging my through intersections, letting me have the right of way at every turn and even pulling over to let my pass! It was amazingly chivalrous! I felt like a queen!

The ride home continued with all of these benefits as well. Now it seemed strange.

About as strange as the look on my husband's face when I pulled up to the garage at our home in Cory. You see, my husband is a volunteer firefighter and his first words to me were, "why are you driving around with the blue light on?"

I felt like a fool. Unknowingly, I had bumped the light switch when using the cup holder. I have no idea how long it was on. I assume it happened before I ever left my driveway, considering the special treatment I received during my entire journey.

I deeply regret my error and I sincerely apologize to all in the community, especially to our valiant and honorable volunteer firefighters. I pray that my mistake will not tarnish their image or taint the service they so selflessly provide.

If you were one of the many who saw me, please know, it was not some wayward volunteer firefighter abusing the privilege of the blue light. It was me, foolish me, and I am sorry.

Should I ever use my husband's vehicle again, I vow to be more conscientious and never allow this mistake to be repeated.

Susan M. Neiswinger,