Letter to the Editor

Questioning a school decision

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To the Editor:

What's wrong with North Clay Middle School?

I have a nephew in the seventh-grade that was harassed about pink hair color in his bangs, which is actually just highlights.

He was put in in-school suspension because it wasn't dyed back when the vice principal thought it should be.

Well, while everyone knows that not every family has money at the drop of a dime, I just think we should be more concerned with the children's education than their hair color or what they are wearing on their shirts. I understand there are some things inappropriate, but come on. Who cares what color their hair is as long as they do their work and show up for school and do good in their subjects!

Why is it that the junior high can't color their hair and the high school can? Are we not all in the same school district?

Plus, why did my nephew get hassled so much but I personally saw quite a few students with dyed hair that still have dyed hair. I just think if it is fair for one school, shouldn't it be fair for all of them in the same district?

I think if they need to put that much emphasis on what color students' hair is, then school sure isn't what it was when I graduated (from Northview in 1986), which was that the teachers really cared about education.

Heck, the next thing you know, they will go to uniforms!

Oma L. Luedeman,