Letter to the Editor

Reader favors Obama's stance

Sunday, September 7, 2008

To the Editor:

John McCain has a history of opposing tax breaks for ethanol and the tariff that protects it from imports.

He's not the only one.

The Republican Party's delegates, in late August, passed a platform item calling for the repeal of the Renewable Fuel Standard.

This has many Midwest farmers upset and they see it as a Republican platform that limits energy options.

Ethanol and other renewable fuels are reducing America's dependence on foreign oil while invigorating rural American economics. Who can be against reducing greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicles except big oil? Without the Renewable Fuel Standard, it will be difficult for us to ever wean our country from foreign oil. Let's be consistent here: the Republicans should demand the same from big oil and call for repealing the huge tax cuts to the oil companies.

Sen. Barack Obama, along with Rep. Sen. Dick Lugar of Indiana, introduced legislation to dramatically increase domestic production, distribution and use of ethanol and biodiesel and voted to create the Renewable Fuel Standard in 2005.

No wonder that the American Corn Growers Association has endorsed Sen. Obama.

"When we compared the official policy statements and voting records of the two contenders for the White House, we identified an obvious choice for farm families and rural America," announced Keith Bolin, ACGA President, on Aug. 22, 2008.

Who is for helping American farmers take advantage of the emerging renewable economy? Barack Obama is your man!

Julie Bricker,