Letter to the Editor

To Adamson's: Thanks for service

Sunday, September 14, 2008

To the Editor:

I can't drive down National Avenue again and not send this letter.

It is indeed sad to see "the plant" at Adamson's coming down.

I know that for the past 32 years, the band uniforms of Brazil and Northview High School have been cleaned in that facility and probably many years before I came to town.

Not only were the uniforms cleaned at Adamson's, but Fred and his employees went far and above the norm to make sure that our students walked on the field looking their best.

They took tremendous pride in knowing that they helped us succeed.

Now, you may say to yourself, "Well… that was their job and their business."

I agree, but on more than one occasion, the bill for the "state finals" cleaning would be half of the regular price, or totally forgotten, and it was not uncommon to be summoned to Fred's office on the second floor only to have him write a "donation" check to the band boosters that I am sure equaled any profit he had made from cleaning our garments that year. Adamson's was not just a Brazil business, it was a part of the community.

To Fred and all your employees over the years: You will be missed!


Bob Medworth and everyone associated with the

BHS and NHS bands,