Letter to the Editor

Taking a trip down memory lane

Sunday, September 14, 2008

To the Editor:

I would like to take this time to congratulate The Brazil Times for the great job they do on reporting the news, sports, weather, etc.

I would also like to thank them for publishing my letters and allowing me to give my opinions on certain subjects, past, present or future, unlike some newspapers I have dealt with without mentioning any names, but although I have nothing against them personally, it seems like they don't believe in the words fair and balanced or equal opportunity. But it does seem like they believe in favortism, prejudice and descrimination.

I can't say for sure that they do, but it seems that way.

Now, for the real subject. The past 99 graduates from Brazil High, Beverly Buck and Mary Marks win class honor positions.

Clay City and Brazil V.F.W. to attend meeting for seventh district in Vincennes.

UPI -- Three tornados hit Oklahoma, 14 injured, state slot machines get the ax after new anti-gambling order, Indianapolis, Ind. -- UPI.

Fire Dept. makes 14 runs in one day. Bowling Green graduates seven. Coalmont graduates 25, Sale Ad-Clipper Craft Suits, Walter Leifheit and Co., Master Mix Feeds, Girtons Feed Store, Hillbilly and Popular Records, Model Airplane Kits at Damms Music Store.

Drink Nance's Homogenized Milk, Fight Fatigue, Todd Bros. Super Market Ad-Tide, Dreft Oxydol, LGE, Pkg. 32 cents Lard Bulk, 100 percent pure 2 pounds, 45 cents, Soft White Sail Toilet Tissue 4 rolls, 39 cents, Coffee Chase and Sanborn or Folgers, Vac Pack pound 89 cents, Longhorn Colby Cheese pound 55 cents, Kraft Dinner Mac and Cheese two boxes, 29 cents, Hirsch Bros. Apple Butter Jar, 25 cents, Blue Bonnet Oleo Gold Yellow pound, 37 cents, Stark and Wetzel Weiners, pound 59 cents, Slab Bacon, 47 cents, pound, etc.

Brazil Eagles featured the Morlan Merry Makers on weekends and the V.F.W. featured square dancing every Saturday night and the Clay County Trailblazers.

Most national, state or world news at the time including photos, was courtesy of UPI or AP and AP wire photo.

This history was from 1951.

I'm not going to talk about the future of this town anymore or about the west needs to be built up because according to one reader, population and economic demographics can't support them. I know the economy is in a slump, but who's fault is that? It sure is not my fault. Blame it on OPEC and big oil.

Anybody can dream. How do you think Walt Disney, Sam Walton, Col. Sanders, Dave Thomas, Dave Longaberger, Orville Redenbacher and some others got started? By dreaming.

I don't know if I can amaze and entertain anyone by writing to the editor but I plan on continuing to write as long as I can the same as anyone else does and as long as the editor allows it.

J.J. Weddle,