Letter to the Editor

Kudos to the hospital

Sunday, September 21, 2008

To the Editor:

I wanted to give my two cents worth on our local hospital, St. Vincent Clay.

Having lived in this county all my life, I have heard all the negative remarks. Every time I have had to bring one of my children into the ER over the last 24 years, we always were treated well and courteously. I had to bring my mother, Mary Lou Coley, into ER, on Friday, Sept. 4, 2008. I could not have ever in my whole life, asked for better care.

I knew without a doubt that my mother was being taken care of in the best way.

Our stay was short and not the outcome we wanted as my mother passed away very unexpectedly. I can't tell you the support and love we received during the entire time my family and I, were there.

I want to thank the ER nurses Bobbi and Angie, Karen, Dr. Maduakalom, respiratory, Andrea, Sandy, every single person in the registration department, each and every employee that saw me and/or heard about my mother's passing and came to give me a hug or give condolences. There were so many people that I'm sure I didn't name, but please chalk it up to not having a clear thought at this time.

I appreciate this hospital, their great employees and what they stand for.

They care about their patients and don't treat them as just a statistics.

Thank you St. Vincent Clay Hospital for everything.

Margaret Crowley,