Letter to the Editor

Reader disappointed with lack of cooperation

Sunday, September 21, 2008

To the Editor:

I am writing in regard to the blatant lack of help from the Clay County Courthouse.

Since January 2008, I have filed five police reports and filed for a protective order twice. Both times, denied due to this person has no direct relationship to me.

I am literally stalked and harassed in my own home every week, yet until they have "reasonable proof," they will not file charges.

This person drives in front of my house randomly while living 50 minutes away, does criminal background checks on me and uses that information deceivingly, posts my home address and telephone numbers on the Internet, calls my personal cell phone number weekly, leaving messages and threatens mine and my family's safety whenever given the chance, yet, this is not harassment, stalking or even phone harassment, according to the Prosecutor's Office at the Clay County Courthouse.

I have no doubt that one day, without legal barriers, there will be a physical confrontation with this person, who is not even afraid to fight in front of this person's own children, now has any regard for anyone's safety. I am hoping that someone from the courthouse will read this and realize that they have an impact, positive or negative, in every decision that they make.

Clay County families depend on their law enforcement to defend them and resolve issues.

I am wondering how I might receive that help before a 911 call is necessary. I know that if I lived in Hendricks or Marion counties, my issue would already have been resolved with the help of people who listen and understand.

Maybe I should consider relocation?

Jenniffer Sanders,