The pros and cons of ...

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Patience is a word I've come to know quite well in the last few weeks.

My fiance and I recently purchased a new home.

Honestly, the home is too large for us at the moment. But we'll grow into it with time.

But we have another member of our family that is staying with us.

In fact, that member has been staying with us since before we purchased our new home.

It's our dog.

Prior to us signing our names on the dotted line in order to move into our new home in the middle of August, my fiance read about beagles being for sale.

She drove to the location where they were being sold and there was one puppy left.

She bought her and promptly named her Beagle Baily.

BB (has she has become to be known) was wonderful those first few weeks.

She was just getting her legs. She was learning how to do everything.

When my fiance bought her, BB was probably too young. She probably had been taken from her mother a little earlier than she should have been.

Consequently, there was a lot of tender love and care we had to provide. And we did so without any problem.

We're still providing that.

But the dog mysteriously is turning on us.

Specifically, she's turning on our ankles.

BB started teething recently and our legs, arms, noses, anything she can come in contact with, is paying for it.




There are pros and cons in raising a puppy.

The pros are obvious.

Having a dog is great. She has become a true companion. I love it when she's tuckered out and just lays on the couch next to me.

However, the cons...

Well, as I stated before, my body is starting to notice.

On Thursday, I'm sitting at my desk at work and felt the need to tug at my ear because it itched.

I did it again because it still itched.

When I looked at my finger, there was blood on it.

Sure enough, one of BB's little teeth had put another hole in my ear!

Scratches. Scars. Lots of band-aids.

I can't tell you how many scabs I have on my fingers now after weeks of going through the teething process.

But I wouldn't have it any other way.




I think I can handle a few more weeks of teething.

Surely, after her teeth finally come in, she'll start realizing it's more fun to chew on those toys rather than her owners' ankles?


Then again, maybe not.