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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The new kittens came out of hiding today to bask in the warm sunshine. Gray the "woods" cat has decided that a paternity test won't be necessary. It's clear to me that Taffy's offspring have found a friend, a far from sad wannabe dad!

I agree with Gray and say, " the kids can stay, let the chips fall where they may, as long as the litter box doesn't start talking. We won't tell the fat cats up the street that Gray is assuming responsibility for their actions, wholeheartedly!"

The gang might come down here, want to rumble and try to throw their weight around. Gray is small, but mighty! At a moment's notice, the, seemingly, timid, timber trained taker can bring a tiger out of his tank. He will litter the sidewalk that those bad boys coax him out on. That move could frighten and/or send the wrong message to Taffy's innocent children. I hope that, if that should happen, and Taffy is face to face with the aftermath of the challenged family matter; she will cover the stink up or at least smooth it over, for Gray and the kids sake and her reputation!

Before I get carried away again, I want to give my heartfelt thank to the Brazil Times management for giving this writer the opportunity to grow and, you, the readers of "Brazil Buzz" for smiling in my direction. You are the wind beneath my wings. Because of you and your continued interest in this endeavor (Brazil Buzz) I continue to soar toward unplanned highs.

My low self-esteem evaporated in mid-air and this writer feel as free as a bird to explore possibilities beyond the scope of her dreams. Only when I fade away and die, will I succumb to a rough landing!

Summer is leaving us today. On this overcast Sunday morning, I await the September sun and envision the beauty of still another autumn. Soon the abundance of trees in my space and thereabouts will don their best finery. The soybean plants in the field are already wearing bright yellow tops over their green jumpers. The Goldenrod, in the pasture is dressed to the nines, wearing yellow and standing proud.

Sizable black ants are on the move, but the nuisance visitors aren't welcome. White chalked lines that I placed across the thresholds inside of the screen doors keeps the pests on the outside looking in, nicely. No need for panic or dangerous pesticides! Woolly worms that happen by are safe. I never know what they'll have up their sleeves. I sure hope they don't dress for a harsh winter.

The remainder of the large catalpa still standing, behind the little blue utility shed, will have only a few leaves to send to the ground this fall. Fact is the grand old protector of some of my happiest memories may not live to see many more sunsets. Where she's going rings won't matter. Paul Baby may be forced to drop her for safety's sake. Then again, she may surrender on her own accord, despite her existence so deeply rooted into the joys my history. That old girl has opened her arms to numerous nature studies, She witnessed hundreds of births and deaths and gives temporary housing to thousands of insects, rodents, frogs and birds, doing what came naturally--giving generously. She served as an umbrella, even on rainy days and Mondays and spread her wealth of shade, thin, on summer's steaming hot days.

The hard- working gem belonged to my neighbors when I was growing up. I lived next door. Now that the aged remainder of the dying treasure is mine, I must let the tree go to join her split- up other half in the woodpile.

Today, I look back toward those days, so long ago, and my mind runs rampant; the picture is clear. The moment is mine and I share.

I think of my friend, the late Mary Holechko and look toward heaven. I see a special angel wearing a sunbonnet, a skinny little girl, sometimes two, Sandra Elaine and Mary Lou, a healthy bean-bearing tree, two old well- weathered chairs, stamps and coins, a bent ear, and oh, so much more.

My ears pick up echoes of her laughter, beautiful music resonating to my ears! Although, that tiny taste of the past is bittersweet, I find myself smiling. I hope she is smiling too!

I am glad God spared me, 66 years ago, from an almost certain death and gave me time to build my bouquet of good memories. The fragrance masks my sorrows and makes my heart sing!

Our eldest granddaughter, Lindsay Terry of Brownsburg is a busy mother of two daughters, Piper Grace, and Avery Isabella. She is the wife of Matthew Terry.

She is teacher at Delaware Trails Elementary in Brownsburg, as well. Recently, she became a real estate licensee and added Realtor to her portfolio. Lindsay joined the Gemini Realty Group based in Indianapolis.

Starla's daughter wears her many hats well. I think that we will keep "Pooh! "

Now its time to see what another little go-getter is up to. It's Paul Baby's day off. He'll be calling for another cup brew before long. My better half drained the pot waiting for me.

Could be, Elvis left the building after his catnap to referee a shake-up in progress outside of or in the cat' s house. I hope he didn't forget to wear his earring.

I can be reached at - 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.