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Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Autumn abounds in things to delight the sense and spirit!

Soon it will be time to set aside the warm days of summer and officially welcome in the beauty of a pleasant walk into October's crisp atmosphere.

I love to amble along through the fallen leaves scattered in the footpaths that we have established here in our woods, here and thereabouts.

As the seasons come, visit, and go, I revisit the fountain of my youth and there I thirst and I drink from a full cup!

I have a fondness for fall in all of its glory.

It's interesting to watch the movements of the wildlife as they prepare for colder days.

I still love to open milkweed pods and send seeds and silk toward the clear blue October sky.

This writer has always enjoyed watching the wispy threads dance in the breeze and disappear skyward beyond my scope of vision.

This old country girl gathers-up persimmons from the grove in the pasture and walnuts from the stand of trees in my back yard.

I glean the garden of all of its worth.

Food set aside, in store for wintry days to come, is a sensible thing to have.

Ask any squirrel or old timer of the human kind that's been there and done that.

Geese flying overhead in near perfect V-formation remind me of autumns past, years ago, when I first learned about the life, love and habitats of those large migratory waterfowl and such things.

I harvest from my father's field of expertise and this eager student raked it in.

The late woodsman's outdoor classes are still in session and will be until the old hickory stick gets in the way and knocks me senseless.

I continue to reap from the ground and upward and it comforts me.

Earth to heaven. Heaven to earth!

The "Pied Piper of the Woods" carried a very large load of proven information under his cap.

He passed it down, not only, to his children, but also to generations of others that crossed his path, willing to learn.

Mother Nature made sure that we were fully fed with fun filled facts and Dad allowed us to leaf through new material at all times.

He took direction from her.

I carry the take- ins as well as the take-outs in my memory bank.

This honored student of nature savors the fruits of one of her favorite mentor's labor and forever will enjoy God's Country and my share.

Although, time and toil has done damage to my spring, for me; a walk in autumn is still smooth treading.

Summers are as soothing as a refreshing rain shower on their hottest days. Winter, most know is "the coldest and some say the coolest of them all."

I love the season, too, but; I still sing a happier song when summer turns to fall!

When Grandma Sartor gets a whiff of wood smoke on a frosty night, I smell a "Roast" in the oven.

A few all-beef hot dogs, mustard prepared with stone ground seeds from past harvests, fresh buns, crisp chips, toasted marshmallows and a jar of "Wild About You" relish, like Mom used to make when the garden was on the wane, comes to mind.

Paul Baby Bunyan and I cut and split seasoned firewood, hone the hatchet and knocked down a few of the straightest branches from the sassafras that form the tree row next to the clearing, we whittle the hand-shaped wiener holders a fork to be proud of.

Everything has to be just right.

To us, our simple pleasure is a "Party at the Ritz!"

Soon after the cell invitations are sent, the table is loaded at our open-air dinner theater and the stage is set for a perfect playtime; the guests arrive. Colorful milk crates are filled to capacity.

We pour the apple cider and drink all the way to the bathroom and back. Some of us go to bed loaded.

I have checked the lingering embers of our fire more than once when nature woke me up and suggested more.

The family washes down too many warm brownies to mention.

Spooks come out at Paul's command.

His stories are old, thrice told, and we understand.

Sadly, most of our family moved to other states. Fewer will be joining in on the merriment this year.

Still, the wieners will be on the forks for the rest of us and we can tell the travelers what they missed.

Hopefully, they will be having sympathy for we bellyachers and grab next year's calendar.

The family of Mazie M. Rissler Bowles celebrated her 80th birthday on Saturday, Sept. 13, at the home of Jerry and Donna Bowles.

The invitation was in The Brazil Times. Mazie said it was a terrific gathering.

Her children, Jerry, Debra, Lori Bowles Sampson and George Bowles and spouses, grandchildren and great-grandchildren planned the card shower and party.

Approximately 100 family and friends gathered at the home of Jerry and Donna Bowles for the party and the honoree's mailbox was flooded with many cards.

Mazie said that it was overwhelming, complete with a tiara and magic wand. They set her up as "QUEEN FOR A DAY," with a lovely throne, decorated in gold lame.

She said, "They made memories that day that will never end for me and I am still reeling. It was awesome!"

Mazie would like to thank all of those who attended and that sent cards and prays that your thoughtfullness will find its way back to each and every one of you.

The matriarch of the Bowles family has been married to Jon Bowles for 61 years.

Since the Sister with "the love of her life" Mr. can't wear the tiara all of the time, the pretty lady carries a parasol.

Keep smiling Mazie, the crown "IS" still there. You just can't see it like others do!

Well folks, it is about time to catch the late news.

Maybe not, I'll have bad dreams again.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 N. Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.