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Bayh pays a visit to Brazil on trail

Monday, October 6, 2008

Birch Bayh talks with local business owner Mario Martinez at the Double-N-Diner Monday morning. [Order this photo]
Birch Evans Bayh II stopped in at the Double-N-Diner Monday and talked to locals about politics at the national and local level.

Bayh served in the Indiana House of Representatives from 1954-62 and was a state senator from 1963-81. He was also a candidate for the democratic presidential nomination in the 1967 election.

He was instrumental in the 26th amendment, which lowered the minimum voting age to 18.

He is also known for influencing the passing of the Higher Education Act, which gave women equal opportunities in sports and academics in public education.

"I am here today to help elect a new president," Bayh told patrons. "We are at a point where our local and national government needs leadership."

He talked about how residents can have an impact on what goes on in Washington.

"I won by two votes per precinct for senate, that means one person from each precinct voted for me, and because of that, I was able to make a difference."

"If you give the tax cuts to the working people, then they spend the money on stuff that they need such as new roofing or other projects," he said. "The money that they spend is used to hire people to make those products, and so on. That is how the economy is suppose to work."

While discussing tax cuts Bayh talked about how Obama would provide tax cuts to the middle class.

"The middle working class needs the tax cuts," he said. "Barack Obama will cut the taxes for the middle working class and give tax breaks to companies that keep their jobs in the United States instead of going overseas."

When patrons started asking about Social Security, he didn't hold anything back.

"John McCain was trying to privatize social security and put it into the stock market," Bayh said. "Can you imagine what your Social Security would be like right now?

"I love this country, this is the best country in the world, but the last eight years has ruined our reputation in the world standing," he said.

Another patron commented on education and how we must keep up with a global market to provide a better education for our children.

"The most important things in our life are our children," Bayh said. "I agree with Barack's education plan and providing more resources for our children."

"We have a lot of talents. Barack's message is for each of us to be a little more of a participatory democracy," he said. "Each of us has a responsibility to make a change."

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If we had McCain in office, we sure could not afford his healthcare plan. It would be devastating to pay so much taxes on top of the tax increase for this bailout. His plan is going to make insurance companies more powerful to say no to covering you for health.

Barachs plan is to keep your insurance and work on cutting down on the high cost of medicine. Do you realize these pharmicuticals are charging you whatever the market will bare? People are losing their homes just to buy one more year of special drugs to just live. THAT is wrong!! A free market as republicans love to talk about, means we will take all you have if we can, after all who is going to stop us?

-- Posted by Pearl2083 on Tue, Oct 7, 2008, at 10:57 AM

I was surprised to hear what Former Senator Bayh had to say about social security. I hadn't realized that McCain was in favor of privatizing it and letting the financial sector manage its assets. Wow! What if it were in there already?

I look at the huge gap between the upper and lower classes in some of the other countries. The rich are the privileged class and the poor are way down at the bottom with regard to education, financial wealth and social status. Middles class very small or in some cases non exsistant. No controls at all for equal education and health care. No wonder so many want to come here. Is that what McCain is striving for? I really can't tell by what he says but his record looks like it. Mr Bayh is right that it's our strong middle class that makes this country great. If we don't support it and let it fall into a system where there are only the very rich and very poor, we will be no better than those countries from which others long to escape. Already our public education system is falling behind other countries. We had better get back into competition mode like we were during the cold war...Though we are no longer racing to be the first to the moon or racing to stay one step ahead of the Soviet Union, we have let our guard down and other countries are surpassing us in education and financial solvency.

The question is which candidate will get us back into the frame of mind that we are in competition to have the best educated scientists, businessmen, and scholars so we can compete globally and not have a huge lower class to have to continue to support instead of just letting those greedy and lucky enough to make a buck for themselves without considering what it does to their fellow human beings?

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Tue, Oct 7, 2008, at 1:09 PM

Sounds like everyone is an Obama fan. Watch what you are asking for because you're liable to get it. The economy is all anybody is talking about but let's not forget you have to have a country before you have to worry about the economy. Retreat and defeat are not the answer. Any question that goes unanswered is an answer in itself.

-- Posted by Ventuno on Tue, Oct 7, 2008, at 1:37 PM


I would rather a leader willing to talk first before wielding the big stick approach first. We can always fall back and send our military in to kill and get killed after trying diplomacy. Too many die needlessly when we shoot first and talk about our differences later. Both military and civilians. Near 40 thousand last count in Iraq I believe. All human beings. I find that very hard to defend to the rest of the world as well as to God. Domination does not only come from military prowess. Our downfall will be our economy. we are so busy spending money on armaments, we've cut our investments in education. Only with education will we be able to compete on global market. That is the "battlefield" of the future.

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Tue, Oct 7, 2008, at 5:14 PM

"Each of us has a responsibility to make a change" Bayh said. After reading that statement, I am compelled to respond to this article. I'm sure Bayh didn't talk about the moral issues. I don't think a true Midwestern raised man would want to talk about those issues here. It is what we don't know about Barak Obama's future administration that scares me, a God fearing, middle-class, Clay County buiness owner.

The media is not telling you, the general public, what changes he WILL bring, to the morals of this country....the most liberal ones this country will have ever seen. Give him a Congress that favors him and there will be no stopping his wishes.

I am only 40 years old, but I am appalled at his past record and what I am reasonably sure he wants this country to become...if you appreciate the freedoms that this country has stood for, he intends to "check with other countries" before he does certain things. He said that tonight, in the debate. And talk to our enemies about their disgressions...how can that work? They don't even care about talk.

I fairly certain that he would easily add our country to the list of European Union ones, to help determine what happens here in the US. We already have judges in this country that say they look to 'worldy laws' to decide what they will, on cases in THIS country. Why? Our society should NOT be dependent upon what the rest of the world thinks. Our country is not like the rest of the world, we have always been able to take care of ourselves. He sounds much like a 'One-World Order' supporter. That really scares me.

Barak is the most liberal Senator ever and you can be sure, if and when he is elected, by people who are only worried about their pocketbooks and NOT the downfall of the morality in this country (gay marriage, abortion-he has ALWAYS supported) then we have much more to fear than what happens in this economy, or even on this earth.

He, himself, said he would not want his daughter to be "punished" with a baby, for one mistake in judgement. Having a child is NEVER a punishment...there are many of us, unable to have children ourselves, that would adopt a precious child, any day. Why do so many have go to foreign contries to do that? Since when do we see a child as anything but of 'high value'? Paying for poor judgement is a lesson that we all need to learn...personal responsibility is something we LACK these days...that is why we are where we are today!

I, myself, am only accountable to the God who will know if I sold out my heart-felt morals to vote for someone who could eventually destroy the country that once stood for the freedoms and liberties that are only God-given. Life itself, being one of them.

I am a student of the awesome, moral history of this country, from 1620 to today, but since most Americans have not been taught what price has been paid since that time, to get to where we are today...we are able to sell out to someone who merely tickles our ears. The Puritans came here because they wanted to 'purify' the problems in England...and came here to see that their children would not be forced to give up their God-given rights, to an over-ruling government...but that is exactly what I am afraid will happen within an Obama administration.

More government...less morals.

So please vote with your heart...it is all that really matters in the end anyway.

-- Posted by MoralsOrMoney? on Tue, Oct 7, 2008, at 9:57 PM


-- Posted by MensRea2008 on Wed, Oct 8, 2008, at 3:25 AM


So what "freedoms" is this liberal about to take away from us? I can tell you that under the present administration I am not in better shape than I was 8 years ago. I feel sure that many of our soldiers and their families are not in better shape nor is world security better.

What makes this a great country is our middle class. They are slowly fading away. Look around. We are becoming a nation of upper and lower class. We need change.

-- Posted by sassypants on Wed, Oct 8, 2008, at 7:48 AM


Bayh did talk about moral issues. He talked about each person's ability to make a difference. Isn't that what freedom of choice is? Don't we have separation of church and state in order to protect our religious freedoms? My "brand" of Christianity is not the same as George W's apparently as he was not honest about his reasons for going into Iraq. I personally feel it was "one upmanship" towards his father who drove Saddam out of Kuwait [an ally and middle eastern staging area of ours]and stopped at that as he promised. The former president was taunted to go on into Iraq but he held to his word and held his ground. If this administration was truly going into a country for humanitarian reasons he would have had us in Darfur instead where genocide is rampant, not into Iraq where oil was the issue. I have friends in Germany, France, Spain, and Japan. In addition my husband works with people in Turkey, Sweden, Saudi, and Brazil. Our standing in the world has been lowered due to Bush's aggressive acts over the past 8 years. To some extent even our inaction in Palestine situation, where Israeli government has pushed and pushed the Palestinian population into ever more isolated and separated strips, land locking them from their jobs and from trade and from relatives and bulldozing their communities in order to build new ones for Israelis. If you look at history, this is what Hitler did to the Jews starting in the 30's as a precursor to their extermination, except the Palestinians fought back and it has gotten quite ugly on both sides.

In the past 8 years there have been several major actions taken by the US government that were not Christian and IMHO were biased towards those with religions most "like" the population of those in the US. Bush claims to be Christian but his actions do not say that.

Many European countries have become more tolerant of those different than they and at times when studying abroad, a parent from a middle eastern country will send their child to Europe instead of the US for fear of reprisal upon them because of those who lump all middle eastern people into the same catagory as Bin Ladin. That would be like saying we were all like Timothy McVey since he was American. Some might say Great. Better that they don't come here. But think about that for a minute. If they think we are the monster, what are we doing for them to think that and what can we do to put out our hand and try to reach an agreement, even if it is a tenuous one.

Look at our capitol punishment. Most European countries cannot fathom putting someone to death for a crime, no matter how bad. Is that Christian? Read Innocent Man by John Grisham and you will learn about all the wrongly convicted people we have behind bars and on death row due to those working in legal system who have their own agenda and fabricate evidence. Is that Christian?

If we in the US would be more respectful of those in other parts of the world and not insist that our way is the only way, we would raise the level of our safety much more than via airport security.

Obama has never stated that anyone has to live by lesser morals. They still have the choice. If we rule the country by laws of a certain religion, we instantly take away another person's rights. The laws assure us of our choice. It is not to enforce our religious beliefs. Maybe it was that way when we began but not to think that it already has changed into an agenda of imposing our beliefs onto others [as in thinking that all would thrive under a democracy]is false.

Sure there are religious zealots out there and have been everywhere far all times. Judas was a zealot. He thought Jesus was there to conquer Rome in the name of God. During the Crusades, Rome MADE other cultures comply or die but they were really only flexing their muscles to gain power. Hitler wasn't even truthful about wanting to rid the world of Jews because they were Jews as he killed Catholics, Jehovah Witnesses, gays, mentally retarded, and other groups. Anyone who inconvenienced him or had the nerve to stand up to him.

If you are serious about doing what is morally correct you are morally obligated to decide which candidate will help the most people, both in the country and the rest of the world while at the same time managing our resources here, both human and natural. Our huge middle class makes us a HUGE resource but we need to be better educated and have better health care in some cases in order to have the greatest output.

Neither candidate is going to be a perfect fit for all any individual's religious beliefs but which one respects the belief's of others so we as a country and as a world can live better. That is the most Christian candidate. Look at it from other's point of view besides just your own. I want a world where the beliefs of a Jew, a Muslim, a Christian, a Hindu, and yes even an atheist, are all respected as they are all human beings created by God. That would be a true Christian world. Is it going to happen anytime soon? Not likely but if we quite striving for it, it will never happen. I feel Obama can make some progress towards it. I don't feel McCain can and I feel that Palin doesn't even understand the concept of another religion being a valid one by her remarks and actions as Mayor and Governor. Do I like Obama's past stance on Abortion issue. No of course not, but I have to add together all the issues as that's is what makes a person. Not just one thing...and before you get on the Ayres/Wright thing again, being associated with someone "underhanded or criminal" remember it doesn't make you that way. It's your actions. Mother Theresa was sometimes chastized for her dealings with not so nice people but she felt that if it got her what she needed for the people she cared for, it was justified. I've had pastors I did not like but they still were my pastor and provided a service to the congregation. I've been on committees with people that were underhanded. Guilt by association and in this town especially it seems that that idea is quite popular by what I've read about lumping entire families of criminals into the same category. Sorry this is so long. Just so many issues, healthcare, economics, foreign policy. Abortion is only one and what good is it to the child when he is born into a world that cannot provide health, peace, food on the table, and a loving environment if he grows up to be different than the bulk of the population?? We are all responsible as WE are the people. Many small acts of kindness and service add up to one great America. If our strong middle class is so diminished by so much, then what can we do when we all stop and give up? that's what many women are already doing when they get that abortion. I contend that if we worked on some of these other things, we would see less abortions. Then it would even matter if they were legal would it?

-- Posted by Jenny Moore on Wed, Oct 8, 2008, at 3:07 PM

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