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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The last few mornings have been rather cool. Our new, user friendly, Heat Surge unit knocks the chill, quickly and keeps precious oil from passing through the nozzle of the furnace, for now. I can't kick on the performance of the handsome little marvel, thus far. The Amish fireplace provides good heat. I'm hoping that our purchase will help lower the heating oil bill this winter, as promised.

I will begin to give the little blue house at the end of the road a fresh coat of Valspar paint this week, weather permitting. Again, "Perfectly Blue" is the color of choice. The quality paint spreads fast and gives complete and lasting coverage. I don't waste product or skimp. I kill spiders and wasps and sing off tune!

We have a dandy new sprayer, but I opt to use a paintbrush on this old house. The personal touch is my way of saying, "Thank You!" Besides she is getting spruced up to get her picture taken!

Don't worry, I'll straighten up the feet on the extension ladder. I know full well how to watch my footing, tie shoelaces, and cling to the rungs that might become slippery with spatters of exterior paint, morning dew and honest sweat. I'll have the project wrapped up before who knows whom will be elected the next president of the United States of America. Oh, boy!

I doubt if a home improvement crew will repaint the White House after the votes are in. Getting rid of the Bushes will be improvements enough. The new occupants may find it necessary to freshen up the air in George's office though. He has had more than a hand in stirring up a stink. Did you catch it? The "Ink Anxious Rink Dink" had the guts to grin like an opossum eating fresh flesh off of a peach pit when he put his John Hancock on the package that may lead all of us to drink and screw up our hard drives. That was not the time to put on a silly grin.

There are times when there is no time to waste on tears, either. The wake up call is loud and clear. Its time for we AMERICANS to get out of the slump, stand up, brush ourselves off and deal with the damage. However, in regard to the health of our economy, it wouldn't hurt to whistle while we work toward a cure for what ails it. One doesn't have to be in Washington to make a difference.

We, the PEOPLE of the most powerful nation in the world, have become lazy and some say careless.

Advent of modern invention, access to easy money, ignorance and poor judgment have softened the fibers of this great nation. The crippling effects are real. We must mend the wear and tear.

We are loosing track of the skills of survival that are so necessary to our well being in times of crisis and/ or catastrophe. We must learn to live with less, save more of our hard-earned dollars, and make the most of what we have. Slow down, step back to where are framers were, draw from that, take what we need and save the wealth that we reaped; keep the refresher course, handy. We may fall off the wagon and need another good drink. The tools or methods are not as primitive as we might think. Common sense needs no honing. Elbow grease alone can not clean up the mess we're in. We need to team that up with determination and faith.

The bottom line is; the work before us is mounting.

I think that when we stop to take a closer look into what kept our forefather's boats afloat, we can steer our ships out of these troubled waters.

We must, as individuals do all that we can do to keep our world green and our earthly house in better order, for future generations and us. I think that's what God had in mind when he created our beautiful world. Tend it with loving care. Stop and take notes, rejoin the works in progress and keep the roses blooming.

I would like to thank Mike Head and his crew for addressing our concerns about the overgrowth of weeds and etc., along Elm Street. You did a terrific job opening up the roadway and debris removal! Paul and I are grateful! I salute you and "All" City employees.

The Sartor family sends our heartfelt condolences to the family of Zona Rae Garrigus and to her partner, Sara Ritter, and extended families.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm Street, Brazil, IN., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.