Letter to the Editor

The street signs are confusing

Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Editor:

I live in Greencastle.

I go to Brazil occasionally and I have noticed that a large portion of the town has intersections with no stop signs.

Go down Vandalia Street from United States 40. You will notice from the first five blocks, that only one of these identical situated intersections have either a stop sign of a yield sign. Am I the only person that has noticed something this obvious or ridiculously unbelievable? These four intersections are just a few of more than 30-plus others in the area between Hendrix and US 40. I have yet to even look at other parts of Brazil. Other intersections without a stop sign include the following: Olive and Davis (school zone), Hendrix and Charles B. Hall, Turner and Ashley, Kruzan and Columbia, Alabama and Vermont, Alabama and Midland, Alabama and (no street sign), Indiana and Blaine, Blaine and Washington, Blaine and Cofax, Depot and Kruzan (four-way, school zone), State and Depot, more than 19 other three or four-ways with no signs assuring a driver to stop at an intersection. This is not including gravel or alley ways.

By comparing these intersections with any other random, mediocre, every day intersections anywhere in the country, is it OK to pull out in front of another car without stopping? I don't think so. Wouldn't it be pretty embarrassing for a cop to pull someone over for running a stop sign where there wasn't one in the first place?

Jordan Vaughn,