Letter to the Editor

No time to follow politics due to work

Monday, October 13, 2008

To the Editor:

The political campaigns have taken the usual approach in presenting macro economic solutions to the public.

The presentations are broad and generalized. The political folks seem to think the rest of us are dumb and unable to notice the lack of true solution presentation. Not so. The middle and lower-waged people have less time for politics, due to working for a living.

One issue addressed too briefly, if at all, is minimum wage. We all know it is way out of balance. It should be $10 per hour and it should not necessarily cause increase to other class job wages.

All jobs are important. And all persons who work deserve to make enough to actually meet their needs and pursue happiness and well being with that pay.

The ramifications could be that the salary expenses of these major corporations will increase and the profit will decrease.

Maybe they will have to give up some of the positions making $100,000-plus, that is roughly $48 per hour.

It could keep people from needing welfare and other tax supported means of survival. Yet, it will not stop the officials from getting their tax support salaries, benefits and retirements.

Then there are the small privately owned companies.

To survive, it would be difficult for them to pay $10 per hour, per employee. The government should change requirements on the small businesses to allow for growth and survival.

This is old news, yet long overdue, and we need to make the government respond to it appropriately.

Sherrie Stout,

Terre Haute