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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Christian Center is planning a Halloween alternative at Fairbanks Park in Terre Haute on Halloween night. Harvest Party will run from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Costumes (no scary ones) are encouraged for children (ages 12 and under) with a parade at 8:30 p.m. The event is free.

The party will have hot dogs, drinks, lots of candy, and fun, fun, fun. Fire trucks and Sparky the fire dog will be there to remind everyone of "Safety First." Wagon rides will also be available. Meet at the Pavillion.

The Roach family met at Mario's last Thursday evening. We were enjoying our suppers when Leanne Grey came by to say Hi. She kidded me that she expected to be mentioned in the paper and that she wanted everyone to know that she was planning to enjoy a marguerita out on the patio. It was good to see her. We didn't have any marguerites, but we had a good time, too, Leanne.

Sister-in-law Karen and I headed to the Covered Bridge Festival on Tuesday. After stopping at the yard sales along SR 59, we didn't get to Bridgeton until almost 11 a.m. Bridgeton always seems a little more laid-back, if anything at the festival is relaxed.

Bridgeton had numerous benches to wait for someone, to reorganize packages, or just to rest a few minutes. Ample port-o-necessaries were an advantage, too. We had planned to head on to the artist's gallery at Rockville, via the back roads, but just ran out of day.

One stand at Bridgeton specialized in bras. It was my first time to notice that one. Karen was searching through T-shirts while I sat on a bench holding her other packages. The ladies support wear was my view. It reminded me of peering over the snowball cupcakes at Lynch's Grocery when I was a kid.

Lynch's had a higher counter to the right of the cash register level. Sometimes, the cupcakes were on the top, right at my eye level. There were big white coconut covered puffballs (and in later years strawberry flavored pink ones). You could almost smell them through the packages. Those rows of tempting orbs always seemed to call to me. Sometimes the chocolate cupcakes with the white swirl on top would win out but usually it was those big white snowball cakes.

The festival's endless rows of multicolored orbs, boldly lying on tables, straps tucked underneath, were not the least bit tempting. Some years I have bought extra socks at the festival but the bras just grossed me out. It is strange how something that is really rather irrelevant can provoke a strong emotion. It was somewhere between having a reckless driver cut me off in traffic and discovering my slip is showing below my dress.

Karen and I covered acres of fall decorations, food stands, antiques, and other treasures. There were too many things to see. An interesting person told me about retiring from service after being stationed in Germany and other parts of Europe. This person was in the area to attend a class reunion at Crown Point. Another talked about staying at their Dietz Lake cabin, at this time of year, so they could attend the Covered Bridge Festival. He sat while his wife walked.

We stopped at the cookie and coffee stand sponsored by the church in the middle of Bridgeton. It is such a nice way to spread the Word with free goodies and hot beverages.

One of my favorite events was the potter. He was showing a little girl how to throw a pot on the potter's wheel. His strong hands guided her little ones. He had fun names for the tools. The sponge on a stick, that mops the sloppy clay water out of the center of the cup, was called "his magic wand." He advised the parents to come back in an hour to give her tiny mug a chance to dry a little before taking it home. By the time we found the chain saw artist, we were ready to head out. It was a good but tiring day.

We followed the signs along SR 59 and the back roads to find out what Sanctuary of the Arts (like an artist's co-op) was and we stopped at Julie's barn for a yard sale. When I lost Karen in the crowd at Hendricks and SR 59, Ed Schultz joked that he thought he saw her get bagged and carried off by one of the yard sale customers.

Finally, the recliner in front of the TV was sounding pretty good. I had bought one thing, met some nice people, petted several dogs, eaten a very good fish sandwich and some candy coated almonds. I am good for another 2-3 years before I will want to see the Covered Bridge Festival again.

The Clay Community Retired Teachers have scheduled a Game Night for Oct. 21, from 7-9 p.m. at Kennedy Crossing Center. There will be snacks and prizes to go with the games. Trivial Pursuit, Bingo and just plain ole' sitting around to visit will be offered for those folks who don't want to play cards.

A committee will arrange snacks but anyone can bring chips, cookies, or individually wrapped candies. Several folks have donated treasures for the raffle: an antique cookbook, power drill, and other items. White elephant items are needed for the game prizes. Anyone wanting to furnish one should have it wrapped to conceal its true identity. That makes it more fun. A $25 gift certificate will also be awarded.

The 150th Anniversary Celebration for Harmony United Methodist Church is planned for Nov. 9. Mark your calendars.

I stopped by Chaney's Diner to pick up a salad and ran into Kitty Pettit. We talked for an hour. We had a chance to catch up on family happenings when Patty and John Herbert came in, too. We joked that we were having our own class reunion right there.

Somewhere in the conversation, Kitty said it was a shame about Connie Morlan. I was shocked. I had not known and already missed the funeral. After three days of the flu, I had headed out to catch up on yard work Monday not knowing I needed to catch up on my newspapers. I still feel so bad that I did not pay my respects to Sandy and to his kids. A card just does not seem enough to express sympathy for the passing of a classmate. I am so sorry.

Happy October Birthdays to Greg Jones (19th), Carson Lawrence & Jimmy Pell (20th), Betty Julbert (21st). Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Gail Weaver (22nd), Mr. & Mrs. Luther Julbert (24th).

Don't forget the Gospel Illusionist at Carbon United Methodist on Friday, Oct. 17.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

Oct. 16 -- PPRC 6:30 p.m., Admin. Bd. 7 p.m.

Oct. 19 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

Oct. 21 -- Bowling Leagues at Brazilian Lanes

Oct. 22 -- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m., Bible Study 9 a.m.

Oct. 27 -- United Methodist Women 7 p.m.