Letter to the Editor

Please keep giving up those pop tabs

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To the Editor:

Have you ever wondered where your next meal would come from?

Well, we have been in the middle of an economic high cost grocery crisis for the past few months when each time you go to the grocery to buy your favorite foodstuff, it costs more.

Well, now picture if you will, two hurricanes coming right through your area and you were ready to get crops out, you know, a harvest of food which is your next meals. Well, people, down in Haiti, where we have been collecting pop cans and all sorts of aluminum for rice for the Haiti children, the rice crops have all but been destroyed in the low lands.

To buy rice now costs $70 per 100 pounds. Our friend both at the Union United Methodist Church on Airport Road and many of you individuals have done a great job of assisting us in the collection of these pop cans, and also the tabs of the "McDonald House" at Indianapolis whereby families can stay while loved ones are cared for at the nearby hospitals. The cost is very low and no one is turned away for lack of money.

What I want to say is even those that just toss a can in my yard, is collected and thanks.

What a help if you would have left more. With 25 cans, a child can have rice for a day after it is prepared. If you have pop cans, aluminum, etc., which you would care to donate, we don't ask for your money and we don't use any of the funds raised for any other purpose. Call 448-2873 and Sarge will pick up or drop off at his house on Tower Road.

Drop off at Bedwell Tire or call 446-2252 and they will pick up or phone 442-69544 and John Ellison will pick up.

Katrina and Ike did lots of damage to the main food in Haiti and the kids are depending on us.

Marion "Sarge"