Letter to the Editor

Reader questions inspections

Sunday, October 19, 2008

To The Editor:

In regard to Dr. Farid's reply to Mr. Watson's letter concerning restaurant inspections, I submit the following comments:

1. Why did the Attorney General's office contact Dr. Farid?

2. Is Dr. Farid telling us how Clay County has no food ordinances because there has been no funding.

3. Dr. Farid states he is "following the state statutes concerning restaurant and food establishment inspections." Yet he does not answer Mr. Watson's first question, "why doesn't The Brazil Times publish the results of restaurant inspections made by the Health Department?

4. I assume taxpayer dollars go to the Clay County Health Department, including Mr. Hale. Shouldn't tax payers be informed of the results of these inspections?

5. I note that (Tribune-Star) publishes restaurant inspections on a weekly basis.

6. The "matter has not been taken care of.

JF Elliot,