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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Well, it sure does pay to advertise something that wears well and that never goes out of style. Recently the grandchildren came to our house to visit. My eldest grandson, Michael Risk suggested that we have a wiener roast.

I pretended to look down- in- the - mouth. I told him that I couldn't swing it, this year. The cost of living is such, I can't waste money on hot dogs and junk food. I knew they wondered what happened to good old Grandma, the party girl. Later that evening I passed "Brazil Buzz" around for the non-subscribers of "The Brazil Times" to read. There it was in black and white written in clear language--the invitation that they needed to set the wheels in motion. Michael grinned, knowingly. Imagine that! No one asked for brownies, but they mentioned apple cider. All present said that they would be on hand on Nov. 1. I'm thinking, "Let the good times roll and have the cold medicine handy!"

I'm glad they didn't ask for a Halloween party, because I don't have a thing to wear other than this same old ordinary facemask. It's loaded with wrinkles and I can't get up enough cash or enough steam to iron it out. Who would want to dress as a Shar Pei, the ancient breed of loose skinned blunt muzzled dogs that came to us by the way of China. The age defying makeup bottle is empty. Only fingertip worth remains in the cap. Too bad, we stopped using brown bags a long time ago. Besides my grandchildren love me regardless, so, I ask myself, rhetorically; why does it matter?

Our friends, Hollis and Barbara Zook- Bogage of Elk Grove, Illinois took time out of their busy schedules to honor the folks in the little blue house at the end of the road with a visit.

They picked a perfect time of the year to enjoy a long nature walk in our world. The breathtaking view of colorful foliage under a bright blue October sky was pleasing to their eyes, the jaunt a pleasure. Barbara and I visited the remainder of the afternoon, while Hollis, a born woodsman, explored more of the wonderment of "God's Country.

Paul joined us later, after work. We then broke bread together. I served a very satisfying meal of comfort food and decadent deserts, the menu: chicken and noodles, creamy whipped mashed potatoes, home spun slaw, sweet as honey home grown corn, buttered drenched Italian rolls and choice of beverage. I wanted to serve delicious deserts to Paul Baby and our guests. Raspberry Crème pie, a "Mary Lou" original and /or carrot cake laced with raisins and English walnuts, topped with loads of creamy icing quieted the bellies and belly laughter for awhile.

I know tomorrow we will be looking up Joe, the plumber and echoing Sara Palin' s words, "Say it ain't so, Joe!" Could be trouble along our party lines after that "carb" feast and feeding frenzy!

Hollis and Barbara attend St. Andrews Episcopal Church in Evanston. Hollis told me that Barrack and Michelle Obama are friends of the church and the community. He spoke highly about the man and his past accomplishments and had nothing demeaning to say about the other candidates in contention for various posts. Ours was not a political rally. It was just a round table discussion among old friends about our changing world and associated concerns.

All too soon, The travelers were in their shiny RV headed toward 90/94 and home. Hollis wanted to be present today at the baptism ceremony of a young member of his congregation.

Paul is experiencing problems with his right leg and hip area. Monday morning X-rays will, hopefully, pinpoint what is causing his pain and his health care providers will tell him how they will ease or eliminate it. He underwent surgery on the right knee earlier.

Our daughter, Starla McHugh visited her sister, Lori Ann Patrick in Denver this weekend. While Starla was there, the Patrick family dealt with a medical crisis. Lori's husband, Clifford Patrick, already under-the weather, began to experience heart problems. My son-in-law was taken to the hospital and admitted. He, not only, has heart troubles, the cause yet to be determined, at last report; our Cliff has pneumonia, as well. He is in our prayers.

It's time to place the cover over the bird's cage and go to bed. Thanks to each and everyone of you for reading "Neighbors!"

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm Street, Brazil, IN, 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.