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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Harmony United Methodist Church will have a guest speaker, Mary Schroer, this Sunday morning during Worship Service. Pastor Bob Kumpf will be gone. The Women's Emmaus Walk No. 139 will start today and run through Nov. 2 at Merom.

The church will hold a Homecoming Celebration and Jonah Fish Fry on Sunday, Nov. 9 at the church. Serving will start at noon and run until 3 p.m. Worship Service will start at 4 p.m. with Rev. Myron James preparing the message. Because the worship service will be held in the evening, there will be no service on Sunday morning at the regular time. Everyone will be busy cooking fish and all the trimmings. The public is invited to join us for good food and especially to stay for the service in late afternoon. Monies will go to missions. Sunday dinner at Harmony on Nov. 9! Mark your calendars.

I am working to cover all the bulletin boards with photos from past and present church activities. Anyone who has pictures to share, give me a call 448-8734. If you want them back, I can scan them. There are very few old pictures that we can find.

Having attended the church for only the last five years, I was curious about it's beginnings and mentioned it to Pastor Bob. He gave me a copy of a nice little booklet. The History of Harmony United Methodist Church was written by Nancy Mohr in 1964. She did it as a term paper for Eleanor Neal's Senior English Class. Her mother wrote an update and two photos were added in 1976 in celebration of the country's bicentennial year. Although the church started earlier than 1868, the structure in the "village" of Harmony was built that year. We are celebrating that event.

It is amazing to think of a student writing (and researching) the history of a church to write a school paper. Most complain about writing one page. Thanks to Nancy and to Mrs. Neal for inspiring her.

Celebration Christian Center is planning a Halloween alternative at Fairbanks Park in Terre Haute on Halloween night. Harvest Party will run from 6:30-8:30 p.m. Costumes (no scary ones) are encouraged for children (ages 12 -under) with a parade at 8:30 p.m. The event is free.

Brother John and Eva Trout-Roach spent over a week in Florida visiting with daughter Erin at Disney World. They met her new boyfriend and enjoyed the parks. Kate Trout and Jeanne (Harris) Moesenrose went down with them but came back last Monday. Karen Roach and I picked them up at the airport. Kate spent most of the rest of the week visiting with me. When we weren't waiting for repair people, that didn't show up, we had a great time.

On Thursday, I picked up Kate at Mane Attraction and we headed to Chaney's Diner & Deli for their tasty Thursday special. Good neighbor Steve Clark came in for carry out. We talked about all his pear trees dropping juicy fruit that tempted passers by. He said he took the idea from a farmer in Germany that planted fruit trees along the road. The farmer said he wanted people to be able to pick the fruit as they passed by his home. Steve was carrying on the plan. Nice idea.

On Saturday, Kate and I headed out to look at the leaves even though the weather was cold and a little dreary. We drove through Mansfield and then went on up to Bellmore to drive through Raccoon State Park. We were blessed with a little sunshine as we toured the area. The campground was all decorated for Halloween and little kids were carrying their Trick or Treat sacks. I am not fond of scary decorations but it was more silly fun than scary at the campground on a Saturday afternoon. We both enjoyed it. The sandwich and ice cream at the Berry's as we headed home was good, too.

Brazilian Lanes cooked Sunday dinner and we enjoyed it, too. Visiting with various people we knew as they passed our table was pleasant. It is a place where the regulars seem to talk like old friends even if they never exchange names. Kate loved the coconut pie. John and Eva Kay came back home on Sunday evening. Thanks for my presents. The pecan roll is now a happy memory.

Although there is not quite as much excitement for the election, as there was for the primary, it is good to see the amount of interest that still exits. Often folks are very apathetic by this time. Most people are not happy with our national government and want some changes. Unfortunately, some are too set in their old ways or prejudices to take honest looks at the candidates. Some think a woman can't hold a high office. Some are horribly distorted because of color. Do the research; listen to the candidates. Think, then vote Nov. 4.

I was impressed with Osborn running for state office. We sometimes get local candidates that come down our little street in Harmony but seldom does a state candidate visit us. Osborn left a brochure at each house on Jackson Street and I stopped him on the way back to his vehicle. He took time to talk as if he had all day. That is rare. He made me interested in finding out more about his stances on topics that are important to my family and me.

Happy Birthday to Bailey Pell (6th), Bret Dierdorf (11th), Nancy Pell (12th), Shirley Pell & Erin Roach (13th), Susie Pell (17th), Suzy Morgan & Kenda Dierdorf (20th), Meaka Sanders Barnett (25th). Happy Anniversary to Cousin Dave and Jennifer Clark (8th).