Letter to the Editor

Former resident 'thanks' person for new pet

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To the Editor:

I am a former resident of Brazil.

On Oct. 11, I was in town to visit a friend and attend the Bridge festival. I came across an emaciated dog on the corner of Deport and U.S. 40. A worker at the adjacent gas station told me that he was tossed from the car and left to be hit or die from starvation. I abandoned my plans and took him to a friend's home, where I bathed him five times and fed and watered him. I would like the guilty party to know that I feel like I won the lottery to have found this fabulous dog, now named Marshal.

He is such a fantastic addition to my family. He loves to play with his new dog family and is the apple of all my friends' eyes. He has had proper vet care and is now neutered. If only you knew what you had.

Pets are not expendable. They have feelings and need to eat and be a member of your family. Please consider that a pet is not just a thing that you throw away. But I thank you for being irresponsible and uncaring. I would not have Marshal and he would not have known what love is otherwise.

Residents: If you see animals that are hurting and abused, please contact the authorities in your area. This behavior is not OK. Pets are totally dependant on the people that assume the responsibility for them. This includes medical care, food, water, shelter, love and attention.

Leigh Anne


Bloomington, Ind.