Letter to the Editor

Center thanks all for help

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To the Editor:

The Cunot Community Center would like to thank the Fallen Rock Band from Jackson Township, Parke County, Ind., for donating their musical talent and time to entertain everyone Friday, Nov. 7.

All of the seniors enjoyed the music, dancing and good food.

A special thanks to Mabel Capps, our acting director, for the fall decorations on all of the tables.

To Treasurer Roy Acton and wife Judy Acton, for making sure the building is open, tables set up and pitching in wherever needed.

Jeff Smith, President, who did our grilling outside. Brrrrrr!

Chilly wasn't Jeff, Dorothy and Joe Hamblin for running the senior kitchen and our other volunteers who helped make the evening a success.

We plan to have the band back in the near future.

Thelma Trowbridge,


Cunot Community Center