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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I don't know about anyone else here in Harmony, but I need a few more of those nice sunny, warm days to work out in the yard. There are leaves piled up in front of every door and they swish inside whenever it opens. That cabinet on the front porch has been scraped bare, cleaned, and ready for paint. It stands naked waiting for the perfect dry day.

The skids Suzanne Neier was nice enough to deliver are still stacked waiting for me to assemble a compost bin. The cedar to make a raised flower bed is piled by the fence. There are mums that never got planted. The tools need a coat of oil before winter. But I never seem to get that task done. More rust greets me each spring. The vehicles that I promised a coat of polish know that I lied.

The fishpond did get a thorough cleaning two weeks ago, but then the leaves fell. Now the little flashes of orange fantails are gliding through maple sludge. Why am I always surprised that it has gotten too cold to work outside? Maybe I have just become too much of a wuss to get the job done.

Harmony United Methodist Women will have a Christmas Party on Dec. 3, starting at 6 p.m. This is a change from previous years and times. The group usually holds the party on the first Monday of Dec. and meets at 7 p.m.

Everyone attending the party will bring a covered dish. Those with guests are encouraged to bring an extra one. This would be a nice time to invite a friend that you have been encouraging to come to church. Get-togethers are a good way to break the ice.

A sign-up sheet for the Christmas Party will be circulated at church this Sunday for ladies to write in their covered dishes and the number of guests attending the event. This will help to prepare for the number of traditional brown bag gifts to bring, too.

Debbie Gottsche does a fine job each year of shopping for and bagging the gifts. Everyone has fun picking out and stealing each other's selections. Judy Maurer has become a notorious bag squeezer trying to discover the contents of every sack. Her selection sometimes end up with pieces in the bottom of the sack due to excessive investigation. When everyone finally has one last sack, the opening begins. Lots of laughs.

The Roaches haven't had a chance to get together this week. I skipped Sunday morning coffee at Mike and Karen's and spent the time blowing my nose. Eva Kay picked up two sale jars of honey at Walgreens and dropped them off here. Tuesday I fixed some hot soup (zuppa Toscana) and delivered it but we had no time to visit. Thursday, we hope to get together for the Thanksgiving Feast at Chaney's. It will be our only turkey day together. Mike and Karen are spending Thanksgiving Day with her family, Judy and Kenton Lutz. John and Eva Kay's group is heading to Cracker Barrel. I am dining with the Clark's on that day.

Has anyone else had the pleasure of trying to contact a company to get a part for something? Mike Lunsford cleaned the vent-free gas log stove in the family room and told me that I needed a new pilot assembly (pilot light was too worn down). I had purchased the fireplace at Rural King when we lived in the Jasper area. It is still pictured in the ads that come in Monday's paper. The local Rural King gave me a toll free number to call -- sounded like Dresta Company.

The company 's friendly machine told me the wait time was lengthy. That wait for a human being at Dresta was hour. Half hour! The man was very nice and told me that I needed a PP224 to fit my model number stove. When I asked how much that would be, he told me they did not sell to the public. I had waited a half hour to find out that they did have the thing but just couldn't sell it to me.

The nice man gave me two possible phone numbers to call. Each of those had a wait time for the call but at least it wasn't hour. Prices and huge shipping costs varied. The nice man had also suggested that I could try Menard's. I called the store at Terre Haute to see if they had one of these little thingies.

Pat, the third or fourth nice guy I was switched to over the phone, told me he did not have a PP224 but might be able to get one. He said he would call Dresta (I thought that was what I did). Pat talks to Dresta apparently. After a call back or two, Menard's will have my little pilot assembly in three weeks or less. I had been on the phone for most of two hours with the many calls to find the part I needed and to order it. Wish I had known Menard's could get it before I started.

There was still an hour before closing times to call the insurance and tell them I received two statements the same day. One said I still owed $130 on the vehicles and the other said I had overpaid by $14 on that same policy. They have a local office so that was taken care of pretty swiftly. Cindy at Allied said that I owe nothing, my check for the $14 will be sent to me soon.

No one wants to know how long it took to try to get the fairly new cell phone service billing straightened out. Same old phone, new plan. I have never understood why anything dealing with calling a phone company takes so long.

Apparently, I had enclosed a note with my check, which is one of their cardinal sins. Even though the bill asked me to check the box and sign it if I need to make a change, it did not want to know the change. That information has to be sent to another state but only a magnifying glass would have discovered that info on the back.

The nice college-age sounding guy, at the cell phone company, explained that a change could take up to three months to go through the system. It had been three months. He could not tell me if the change was in the works or just never received unless I had a password or social security number to give him.

Name, phone number, account number, and address were not enough. I hate giving out S.S.#'s on the phone. Everyone does that now but I still don't like it. College guy said if I would go to the nearest office at Terre Haute and install a password, he could help me over the phone.

I know these kids probably work for minimum wage and have just a basic script to follow but it is so frustrating to talk to one. I know they are trying to just make a living like everyone else. As always, I was polite. He wasn't one of the rude ones. Thank goodness. After a long conversation, I had gotten no answer to my question.

After politely being no help, college boy wanted me to rate his service on a number from one to ten. When I explained that would be difficult, he insisted. I gave him a nine in politeness and a zero in helpfulness. He made sure I knew that I still had two years on my contract. No problem. The phone works fine. I just needed to change some billing information. I still don't know if they have my information somewhere or if I am back at square one resending it.

If I don't answer the phone today, don't take it personally. I am boycotting the blasted thing. Call 448-8734 and leave a message which I will listen to tomorrow.

Happy Birthday to Kenda Dierdorf (20th), Meaka (Sanders) Barnett (25th), Jim Clausen (29th). Happy Anniversary to Travis and Christina Jones and George and Sarah Lawrence (27th).

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

Nov. 20 -- Trustees 6 p.m., Admin. Board 7 p.m.

Nov. 23 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

Nov. 25 -- Bowling Leagues at Brazilian Lanes

Nov. 26 -- Clay County Quilters 9 a.m. -- 3 p.m., Bible Study 9 a.m.

Dec. 3 -- Harmony United Methodist Women Christmas Party 6 p.m.

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