Letter to the Editor

Thanks for all the help

Sunday, November 23, 2008

To the Editor:

Jennie Mishler and Paul Harbour (North Clay Middle School) would like to thank the following for their responses and time given to the sixth- and seventh-grade language arts students at North Clay Middle School during a project entitled, "Bridging the Gap:" Joe Mogan.

From Cloverleaf: Patricia Darkias, Ellena Bother, Marvin Crafton, Norma Thompson, Mary Jenkins, Deanna Richardson (administrator), Nita Mayle (sister of Norma) and Charlotte Reyer (daughter of Mary).

From Holly Hills: Louise Daughtery, Doris Patrick and caretakers Jennifer Kaelber and Belinda Hawkins.


Paul Harbour and Jennie Mishler,

North Clay Middle School