Letter to the Editor

A person is never too old to learn

Sunday, December 7, 2008

To the Editor:

With more than 81 years behind me, I can look at some things and speak from experience, lessons I have learned by not letting "Joe" do it. I appreciate Jason telling his experience with his puppy, I gained a world of experience from my 5-year-old tomcat with the scratches and bites. When he wants petted, he puts his front paws on my thigh, but after three stokes he bites like crazy. He lays his ears back and jumps at me. In the mornings, he bugs me while I am still in bed, until finally I get up and open some cat food.

There is no detouring him, he starts biting and scratching at the back of each leg as I step away. I literally have to back away from him I have the experience and I will never again own a male cat.

I read in The Times that a leading grocer says "food prices you want to pay," Ha! Yes, gas has come down, why not drop the prices down on all can goods? Say, 15-20 percent? We had fair crops on potatoes and tomatoes, apples etc. The cafes are raising their prices to cut back also. I have been told that it's cheaper to eat out than go to the grocery store and buy my groceries.

I was born before the great depression and I've seen the hard times, and I know we are in the worst since the 1930s with victory gardens, saving paste tubes, scraps and newspaper.

I once heard a preacher say he hates a friend of mine every week when he knocked to get his insurance, but he loved him as a brother. Yes, 80 cents a week was a lot of money back then and now it's nothing. I find pennies in the parking lot, thrown on the floor in the market place and back then people couldn't pay for the weekly newspaper and would be cut off after two-three weeks.

We are asked to bail out everything from auto manufactures to banks. We need to cut plants out in foreign lands and allow workers to buy into their plants, sit down with the unions and work together. At one time in the military, I heard that someone wanted to start a union of NCOs (Non Commissioned Officers) also known as sergeants. This was forbidden, it's called treason. I remember when the post office people stopped working, the military was called into assist with moving the mail. I only hope that this couldn't happen again.

In closing, I wonder if the government will go out and start digging for more gold to back the paper to bail out the auto industries, air, movies, insurance companies, newspapers, TV stations and many other sectors that need infused with the green.

Marion "Sarge" Eveland,