Letter to the Editor

Teachers still working

Sunday, December 14, 2008

To the Editor:

There are more than 250 retired teachers from Clay Community Schools in and around our community.

They are busy volunteering their time to help in different areas of the community.

The Clay County Retired Teachers Association asks that the retirees keep count of their time and send the amount of hours to the Community Service Chairperson, Carolyn Tausig.

This number is to be sent to her by Dec. 20, at 3127 W. CR 300 N, Brazil, 47834, or by telephone at 812-864-2736.

Mrs. Tausig then sends our retired teachers' number of volunteer hours to the state. The statewide number of volunteers' hours are used to show the legislature that these teachers are helping in ways that saves the state money. Hours of helping anyone except family members may be counted. Any community service for which the retired teacher is not paid should be eligible for volunteer time. Our teachers do not retire to stay home and rest. They are out helping in so many ways taking a sick neighbor to the doctor, going to community meetings, helping in schools, planning and working in activities.

Odena Harper, President,

Clay County Retired

Teachers Association