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Brazil Buzz

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I have a good husband. He shares everything with me. Last week without batting a watery eye the generous soul coughed up a kiss and gave me his cold. Can you guess why I am pointing a crooked finger in his direction?

This morning, I ask Paul Baby how his cold was doing and he said, "Much better, It's headed out of the door. I'm shaking it off." Imagine that.

Wait until I inform him that he didn't open the door wide enough and a germ or two stayed behind to keep me company while he was at Sears having a Super Saturday.

I can't wait to tell him about the tea party, for one. Because of my unexpected condition, during a weak moment, I decided to eat the last oatmeal cookie on the place with my hot cup of black tea. I called it "comfort food and black magic." I know that is enough to make the coffee pot frown, but a girl's got to do what a girl has got to do. I'll be in fair shape, in no time and until bedtime when my buddy Vicks, the vapor rub in the blue jar, takes over and stirs up my senses. My better half dislikes the smell of the miracle salve. He is a cough drop popper.

I may work toward filling my old amber Depression glass cookie jar, this time, with pictures of cookies. My father always said that anything beats a blank. After all, I am a good wife to the spoiled little brat, when I feel like it. Today I will sow no oats in the dough bowl, sift no flour, chop nuts, and drop in withered raisins or crack eggs. I don't feel like adding spice to anything, either. The word pooped comes to mind. I am going to plant myself on the couch for a spell, as per Dr. Mary Lou's orders.

I didn't ask for anything special this Christmas, nor did Paul and the family. We decided to cut out some of the wrapping paper, hold down the extreme spending and limit the gifts. Love and devotion needs no fancy packaging and we have plenty of it to give.

Our eldest daughter, Starla Gail McHugh will be coming home for the holidays next week! Her children live in Brownsburg.

Our youngest, Lori Ann Patrick and her husband, Clifford Patrick will spend the holiday in Denver, with their daughters, Mary Shannon Patrick, Elizabeth Cory, and Olivia Cory. Lizzie and Livy live in Virginia and Indiana, respectively.

Lori's eldest daughter, Alexis Cory resides in Boston. She has two children. She is expecting another. Baby Annabelle will join our growing family in early January.

Daughter, Sarah Rodrigus, and her two children will spend Christmas with her father, Bruce Cory in Terre Haute.

Last week I received several phone calls, email messages and cards. It is interesting to note that some of my callers inquired about the Amish Heat Surge Fireplace that I purchased earlier in the year. I mentioned it in my past ramblings, in "Brazil Buzz." In all honest, I believe it is one the best bargains that Paul and I ever brought into our home. The unit delivers steady heat and the light bill handles the power usage, nicely. Still, we won't know until the heating season is over how well we faired cost wise, in comparison to past years of oil consumption alone.

This writer received a card from Mildred Maxine (Rogers) McKee of Bloomington, California. "Mackie" was raised across the cemetery from the Lynch homestead on Strain Street. She attended the local schools.

In the early '50's my friend and old neighbor left home to follow her heart. Several years ago I wrote about Maxine's wonderful hard working family in "Brazil Buzz." Her brother Harold sent his sister a copy.

Soon we were corresponding, sharing this and that about the good old days and our worlds today. The gifted lady shares her poetry with me and, likewise; I share mine, as well.

Last week, Mildred wrote, I have shopping set aside and the tree and yard is decorated. I am taking each day at a time."

You see, my friend is seriously ill. I am hoping that you remember her in your prayers.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834 or by e-email at pmlsartor@aol.com.