Letter to the Editor

Questioning why the dog is running loose

Sunday, December 21, 2008

To the Editor:

Why do people let their dogs run loose?

There's been a dog that appears to be a pit bull mix, running loose for about two weeks now. He runs all over the neighborhoods around Vandalia, Hendrix, Columbia and Harrison streets. He goes around pestering all the other dogs in the area that are in their own yards and not bothering anyone.

One of our neighbors has tried to catch the dog, but hasn't had any luck.

The shelter has tried also to catch the dog. The police have even been called and told the owners to keep the dog put up, but he still runs loose. He has almost been hit by traffic several times on Hendrix Street.

If these people don't care about the dog, then they should give him away.

Maybe someone who shows some responsibility will take the dog and take care of him properly.

He not only upsets all the animals in the area, he upsets the people in the neighborhood.

Tanya Barnett,