Letter to the Editor

Reader hopes President-elect takes notice

Sunday, January 4, 2009

To the Editor:

I've read where our American troops will come under foreign laws while offduty in the Middle East, where they most have been sent to fight against terrorists.

President-elect Obama, I charge you to declare that agreement null and void and another be in place on Jan. 21, 2009.

Our troops must never ever again be under another country's laws but our own military and/or civilian laws of our land, given the fact we are to respect the laws of other lands while in their country.

It is not right to place an American serviceman or woman under their laws, beheading, cutting off a finger, hand, putting out eyesight, cutting out a tongue, etc.

These are barbaric.

I support our military/civilian laws and respect laws in other countries whom are friends and if any visit friends, then we are under their laws.

But to be an occupier and fighting with said country, then our troops deserve our protection under our laws.

Let that country make any charges and prove, but our country try and carry out under our laws.

Now, soon to be President Obama, you will have more Indiana National Guardsmen going over to an "international" assignment to fight terrorists.

In every way, this means they can't shoot first at any terrorist ready to throw a hand-grenade, as it might be a baseball or a rock.

Make a point, President-elect Obama, and define a new pact with Iraq and Pakistan, and Afghanistan that if we are to continue, then it must be our way.

It appears that some making appeasements to the "infighting of the many factions there in the Middle East."

One made said many years ago, "Carry a big stick. Use it or lose it."

President-elect Obama, I told a couple of soldiers departing for Middle East, "Don't be taken prisoner, fight to the last bullet, to the last breath. For you wouldn't be captive there for long."

I don't say who is right or wrong in war, but backing our troops is a must and speaking out for their rights and safety is important.

Marion "Sarge"