Letter to the Editor

Readers thank area resident for help

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To the Editor:

On Sunday, Jan. 4, while we were at church, our male 11-month-old American Bull Dog got out of the fenced-in yard and went down the road, and yes, someone hit him.

And now, well our Tonka Tuff is gone to "Dog Heaven."

Perhaps who hit him didn't mean too, or perhaps they did. Where we found him by the road was not three minutes from home.

Tonka Tuff was our pet. We bottle-fed him, because his mother died when he was born.

We got him when he was 11-days-old. Took him to church with us when he was too small to leave at home, as he had to be fed every two hours. Just like a newborn baby.

I hope who ever did this reads the paper and I truly hope you have no animals. And if you do, well I hope they never get loose and your heart be broken like ours.

And we pray you never have to tell your grandchildren someone hit the dog they loved to play with, made the laugh and giggle.

We would like to say thanks for Nick French for helping us. God bless you Nick. You are great.

Bob and Jodie Thomas,

Center Point