Letter to the Editor

Delivering a challenge to residents

Sunday, January 11, 2009

To the Editor:

It's not the city government. It's not the county government's "responsibility" to take taxpayer money and underwrite the overhead and operating cost of our wonderful animal rescue center.

It's great that we get any money from either source, to help underwrite the cost of animal rescue.

The burden of responsibility lies with the people who allow these unwanted animals to breed and to propagate out of control. We know these people will not help underwrite the cost of animal control.

No, it's up to people like us, those who love and appreciate animals to take on the task of "responsibility."

Think how better it would be, "not easy," but better if just 1,000 of us would earmark $5 a month, $60 a year to fund the cost of overhead and operating cost. From the estimated population of around 26,000, people of Clay County, there are not 1,000 families who will except this challenge to solve this problem.

For me, this is hard to believe, but it's true. So far, this is a fact, not fiction. Sad, but true.

Come on Clay County, show your true feelings. Put your heart on display and give just a little bit. Back our animal control shelter and let Clay County be a role model for other counties to look at and envy.

L.T. Clark,

Center Point