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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Harmony United Methodist is holding a workshop on the "Devotional Life in the Wesleyan Tradition". Information handed out at church Sunday reads, "This study describes major features in John Wesley's devotional life and illustrates how they can be applicable for our own."

The workbook covers prayer, scripture, Lord's Prayer, fasting, and other topics. Sessions will meet on Thursdays from Jan. 22 through March 12 at 7 p.m. Contact HUMC at 448-2917 or David Brinson at 446-2487 for more information. The cost is $10.

Barbara Stanfield has been happy to have a houseguest. Her daughter has been visiting from Independence, Missouri.

Brad and Barbara Pell were babysitting for the weekend and brought beautiful little granddaughter Clara to church with them on Sunday. Mom and Pop, Heather and Trent Pell, were skiing in Colorado.

The new grandbaby, the one I did not know for last week's Happenings, was Ayden Harold Babkowski. He is the son of Heidi and A. J. Mr. Ayden is the newest addition to the Pell family.

Phillip Gulley has finished a new book but it won't be out until March. I had that wrong last week.

Thanks to Pastor Bob Kumpf for giving me the correct information. Gulley will be at Harmony United Methodist on Feb. 17 to promote the new book and autograph previous ones.

Ladies are invited to the United Methodist Women's Meeting on Jan. 26. We will meet in Fellowship Hall at 7 p.m. Rita Jones will present the lesson and Carolyn Kumpf will be the hostess. Bring your RADA Knife orders.

I had a set of RADA carving knives that I had put away to wait for my others to wear out. On Christmas Eve, I thought I would use the RADA instead of my old generic ones. I couldn't believe the difference in slicing a turkey. We usually have turkey chunks but the serrated edge RADA gave me nice thin slices of the bird.

It looked really pretty on the meat platter, too. I have always used them for peeling but rarely carve a turkey and just got by with my old set. The knives did not go back in the box. They will be regulars on the counter, now. I could make commercials.

You can still order RADA knives from any Harmony United Methodist Women member or go online to www.helpourfundraiser.com to place an order. When you reach the site, type in the customer number: 501674 and the password: harmony.

Memorial United Methodist is hosting several workshops on Jan. 25, from 2-5 p.m.

I am still putting away decorations from our family Christmas on Jan. 4 when Niece Erin came home from Florida. One box brought back smiles.

It was the one Erin had wrestled to hunt for her birthday present from Uncle Mikey.

It was such fun to watch that I hated to throw it away. They have a competition that has persisted even after her move south five years ago.

They try to outdo each other in the difficulty of unwrapping their birthday presents.

They have been encases in concrete or hidden at the end of a scavenger hunt.

She usually does not get home in November so birthday and Christmas presents are now opened on the same day.

Erin had encased Mike's toy car in Bondo and imbedded pine needles in it before it set up. He had to be careful of the prickly quills when removing the skin of his "porcupine". It was good but this year Mikey outdid her. She had only one day after she arrived to devise her plan. Uncle had been plotting for several weeks.

When Erin removed the pretty paper from her present, she found a wooden box. The top was labeled "Roach Pie Safe". Safe it was.

After she removed the obvious screws, with the screwdriver provided, it was still tightly sealed. Her devious uncle had drilled deep holes and put in wooded pegs, tight wooden pegs.

Although the many pegs were not glued, they were not easy to pry loose. One was so well fitted in it's litte tunnel that I had to get the cordless screwdriver for her to drill it out.

Finally, she removed the lid to find a beautiful cherry cheesecake.

The wrestling around had taken a small hit on Aunt Karen's creation but it still looked yummy. Niecie thought that was the present but Uncle said no, there was more. She grabbed a clean fork and began probing through the cheesecake. Sure enough, there was a plastic baggie hidden under the filling.

But no, the note inside told her she still did not have all of her birthday present.

Back to the box, Erin started a more thorough investigation.

Finally, her loving uncle handed her some tweezers as a clue.

Green paper was carefully rolled and fitted neatly inside some of the empty peg holes. That green paper had the picture of a president and some numbers on the corners. I didn't catch the denomination but the girl was smiling. It must have taken 45 minutes to open that one package. Nice one, Uncle Pup.

Happy Birthday to Connor McCoy & Travis Jones (21st), Jennifer (Pell) Clark & Carolyn Kumpf (24th), Marc Maurer (25th), Eva Trout Roach (29th), Rachel (Pell) Fagg (30th), Sharene Wallenbrock (31st).

If anyone does not want his/her birthday published, let me know. Happy Anniversary to Mr. & Mrs. Bill Pell (31st). I will gladly add more names to my birthday/anniversary lists if you give me a call.

Eva Kay and I are planning a trip to Red Lobster with the family to celebrate our special days. Mike and Karen have invited us for ice cream and cake afterward. Often we get cancelled due to inclement weather. Hopefully, Mother Nature will cooperate.

Some friends are planning to come here for lunch as soon as we figure out the weather situation, too.

Sharene Wallenbrock, Rachel Fagg, and I hope to celebrate our birthdays together this year. Arline Meyers will join us.

We had planned to visit on Jan. 2, but the flu changed our plans. Hopefully, we will be due for some good days later this month.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

Jan. 18 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.,

Jan. 20 -- Bowling Leagues at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

Jan. 21 -- Women's Bible Study 9-10 a.m., C. C. Christian Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Jan. 22 -- Wesleyan Workshop 7 p.m.

Jan. 26 -- United Methodist Women 7 p.m.