Letter to the Editor

Reader disappointed with how entire system works

Monday, January 19, 2009

To the Editor:

When you are young and older people say this world is getting really bad, you think, 'Oh, it has not changed that much.'

Well, now I know just what they mean.

1. It is very hard to sit in a court room and listen to a person who supposedly was renting to buy your sister's property with a tearoom and quit paying the rent and after being asked to move out so she could re-sell it to someone who would pay and they, in front of neighbors, take out all the appliances, restaurant fixtures, etc., and you call the police and you both have pictures for proof of all the missing items and what was brought back and what is all still missing and they contradict everything you say and the judge finds them not guilty and they just get to keep all the restaurant fixtures.

2. You get transferred with your job so you have to sell on contract your house you love and it is recorded in the courthouse so you think it is legal and it is not worth the paper it is written on because those people can change where the bill, after paying directly to you for two years, is sent to them now.

They do not pay for seven months, your mortgage company does not call or write you to let you know.

The sheriff will not evict them and you have to get a lawyer and pay $700, and they say he cannot find them.

In the meantime, they tear up the house, leave it filthy with dog feces, etc., and now it is your problem because it is still in your name.

Of course, by this time, they have filed bankruptcy and you get the property back, completely demolished.

The other three properties we have rented out, the same story, they live there rent-free while you work two jobs and pay their payments because it is in your name.

3. The realtor put the two duplexes we had in the wrong name from the start.

One was our sons we never cosigned for. The other is ours he never cosigned for.

The mortgage company said they straightened it out eight years ago when we bought them -- two different couples lived in and did not pay, then paid partial payments so you say kick them out -- no law helps you get them out.

You have to get a lawyer and pay for that while they live rent-free, worrying they will get made and destroy the homes.

What a mess. We never planned to have rental property and no one should have to go through this while they work and pay bills.

Now the home that was not paid for is in mine and my husband's name and we are making double payments, trying to make it up.

The other home, in our son's name, has never been late in eight years. It is sold on contract to a relative.

Our son lives in another city.

The mortgage company, without informing us, put it in the paper they were suing us for foreclosure and had our son's name on there and he is not even on the loan.

They have the two still messed up. Now we call them and they say everything is current. No problem.

Like, why are you bothering us? It is up to us to straighten out their mess.

These mortgage companies.

The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing. You talk to one person they say one thing.

Call back and someone tells you a completely different story.

I wish things could be like they used to be where people cared for each other, the law was there to protect the honest person trying to make a living and take care of their family, and the good guys won out.

It is good to have places in Brazil like Riddell National Bank, John Howes State Farm Insurance and I am sure many more where people treat you right and care about their customers, but all of the other things have sure been a real disappointment to us.

Kathy Cotton,