Letter to the Editor

In favor of the Humane Society

Sunday, January 25, 2009

To the Editor:

My wife and I live on Whiterock Road in Clay County.

It's on the same road that you would go down to get to the Humane Society.

Now, every one is familiar with the problems we are having, or I should say the City of Brazil is having, with animal control in its city limits.

I really don't want to say who is right and who is wrong, but the homeowners of our area have become a drop off for unwanted animals.

My wife and I love animals. We spend more than $150 a month to feed and house our three cats and two dogs. Not to mention the birds, rabbits, squirrel and occasional deer we may get in our backyard. (It used to be six deer. Now it's two).

Bet you can't guess what happened to the other four? And, no, it wasn't us!

Well, we live on a fixed income, and we have taken on as many animals as we can handle. All of which were rescued through the Humane Society, located on Whiterock Road.

Recently, we had to take them another cat that if not for us, would probably be dead of starvation now.

We fed it, put a shelter on our back porch so it wouldn't freeze at night, but it even got too much for us to take care of.

We called everyone we could and got a no answer to taking the animal or no returned call. We finally contacted the Humane Society and guess what, they said yes.

That's right, the same Humane Society that our great City of Brazil can't reach a contract with.

Please, citizens of Brazil, do your own legwork when you need to place an unwanted animal with a good home. Kudos, kudos, kudos to Rick and his team at the Humane Society.

I wish I was rich. I could help them out with money to feed and house those animals. Oh, I forgot, we send money to the National Humane Society every month.

I guess we are rich in love, if not in money.

Bob and Kay Bigley,