Letter to the Editor

United Way campaign successful

Sunday, February 1, 2009

To the Editor:

On behalf of everyone involved in last Friday's "United Day for United Way," we would like to thank the entire community for making the day a huge success.

The four of us camped out on the roof of Baesler's Market in Terre Haute for 12 hours to create awareness for United Way of the Wabash Valley and the 43 agencies it serves. While on the roof, we met so many generous people from all across the Wabash Valley.

No matter how bad things might get, there's always someone else a little worse off who could use a helping hand. That's the kind of thinking that we witnessed first hand from the rooftop and is an apt description of the kind of spirit that can be found these days in our community.

For proof, one only need look at the generosity displayed last Friday. Despite all the economic gloom, this day surpassed its $10,000 fundraising goal by $8,000.

Much of the money we saw dropped into the donation buckets came from people who themselves work hard just to get by. Despite their struggles, however, they haven't stopped looking after their neighbors.

We "Live United" in such a great community. In fact, whenever there is a need in our community, there's usually an outstretched hand, a willing heart or open wallet to be found. Wabash Valley residents support one another and understand what it is like to be in need.

United Way of the Wabash Valley (UWWV) is an umbrella agency that raises funds for different charitable organizations and nonprofits operating in a six-county area.

You can be sure that your donation to United Way of the Wabash Valley will be well invested:

* We regularly assess community needs and priorities,

* We invest funds in proven programs and solutions,

* Before investing in agencies and programs, we review their financial information, track record, and capacity to deliver what they promise,

* We require funded agencies to report on how the funds have been used and the impact they had in alleviating the problem,

* We encourage collaborative solutions to community problems,

* We involved a cross-section of the community in our investment decisions, and

* We're accountable and transparent.

In addition to providing support for basic and urgent needs -- which is our highest priority right now -- United Way of the Wabash Valley is also investing in longer-term solutions to help create long-lasting changes. We support literacy education, early childhood education programs, health services, programs to keep senior citizens independent and much more.

A big thank you goes out to Bob Baesler for saying "sure" to our crazy idea, to all local media outlets for promoting the day, to the countless volunteers for manning the many donation tables, to the staff of UWWV and most importantly, to the donors.

Thanks to everyone involved in "United Day for United Way" it is easy to see that together, united, we can inspire hope and create opportunities for today and for a better tomorrow. That's what it means to Live United.

Troy Fears, Executive

Director UWWV,

Marla DeHart and Gary

Morris, 2008 Campaign


Rick Burger, Incoming UWWV Board President