Lost artform comes back

Sunday, February 1, 2009

These days, random acts of kindness are hard to come by.

But several citizens of Clay County stepped up when others needed it the most in the past few days.

Clay County was blanketed by nearly a foot of snow in the past week. The white stuff started falling Tuesday and kept coming.

By Wednesday morning, nearly everyone was having a difficult time getting around. Some people were stuck at home and couldn't get to work. A lot of people spent Wednesday inside, not leaving the house.

Still, others made the trek to work. Some of them got stuck on their way.

But what I saw in the past few days gives me reason to believe that random acts of kindness still do exist.

Wednesday morning, a co-worker of mine was on her way to work when her vehicle got entrenched in the snow just outside of our parking lot.

From her cell phone, she called inside the office to see if anyone could come outside to help her get unstuck.

I went outside with a shovel hoping to get her car out of the snow.

While outside shoveling snow away from her tires, two men in a truck, stopped on the street and helped push my co-worker out of the trench.

Random act of kindness No. 1.

That evening, as I was leaving the office, I saw another vehicle stuck in the snow near our office.

Another vehicle stopped behind the car and four of us helped get the car out of its rut.

Random act of kindness No. 2.

Thursday came and went but I'm quite certain others were helping others. The stories I heard from several co-workers throughout the day spelled it out.

Some co-workers of mine were talking of how they witnessed farmers on the roads in the county, plowing through the snow to make sure people had a path to get through.

We stayed in contact with the Clay County Highway Department for practically three days, checking to see how road conditions were. There are 700 miles of road in Clay County and only a handful of trucks that can plow the snow. They did a fine job.

But on Friday, the third act in the random acts of kindness play summed up everything to me.

I was sitting at my desk and my general manager, Lynne Llewellyn stopped by telling me there was a young man outside ready to plow a walkway from Meridian Street to our front door.

I thought to myself, "Wow. That is pretty amazing."

At the time, I was unaware he was only 14. That made it even more special.

Here was a high school-aged youngster on a four-wheeler just driving through the area willing to help out where help was needed.

How often is that seen these days? Let's be honest: It is rare.

But it's also special. And to think this young man drove in from the Carbon area to do this.

He told me he had already shoveled out 35 residential areas and planned to be out all Friday.

How often do you see a teenager willing to do something like this? Especially on a Friday? With the advent of video gaming?

Truly something special.

Just spending a few minutes with this young man really brightened up the day. I really felt thankful that there are people like him still in this world.

Clay County residents, you did yourself proud in the past few days. Helping your fellow citizens in their time of need.

That is what living is all about.