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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

It is good to know that 3,700 Indiana soldiers have come home. There was a big celebration in Indianapolis for them and their families.

I hate snow. Well, maybe I don't hate it but I sure am tired of it. I need a good dose of tulips popping up out of the dirt and robins hopping along under the bird feeders. There is a different sound from the bird chatter and song that happens only in the spring. My soul needs to hear that sound. God doesn't give us more than we can endure but this winter has sure been a test for me. I want that breeze that feels like velvet on your skin rather than a whipping bone chill that cuts like knives. My dog wants a good walk. The spring fever has got me.

Several folks at church Sunday expressed gratitude for neighbors who had helped with snow removal. Erie Bell was thankful for her neighbors. Opal Schopmeyer praised her mailman. Pastor Bob Kumpf talked about Robert Maurer cleaning the church lot.

The kids have loved the snow and grandparents Chris Pell and Carolyn Kumpf were glad they had places for the darlings to get all the snow that they wanted for sledding. Thanks to Neighbor Bradley for helping to shovel my walkway and clean off the Envoy. I was glad to pay more than he charged because it was good to see a young man out trying to earn money on such a cold day. Good job, Bradley.

On Monday, Marsha Nicoson and I totaled up the current RADA knife orders and I called it in to the company. The items should arrive very soon. We are still taking orders. Contact any member of the Harmony United Methodist Women.

Judy Maurer brought a brightly colored cake to church last Sunday to share with everyone. There was no big event to celebrate, she just thought we needed cake. We did. It was very nice with a cup of hot coffee and enjoyed by all. Thanks, Judy.

Phillip Gulley will be visiting Harmony United Methodist on Feb. 17 at 7 p.m. He will discuss his new book. This new one will not be available until March something.

I really had not had a chance to read the Gulley books. I started on Home to Harmony this week. It is funny, easy to read, and has a message, too. It isn't our Harmony but easily could be set in any Indiana town. There is a hardware store, the Dairy Queen, and all those small town personalities that sometimes aggravate but keep things going. The main character is a Quaker minister with a wife and two kids. The town has one old doctor and one newspaper person. There are the complainers, the bossy, and the disillusioned. It is very enjoyable.

I have carried the book with me all week and grabbed a few minutes here and there for a good read. A dad at the dentist's office gave me a strange look when I chuckled out loud at one of the incidents.

Harmony Methodist has purchased several of the Gulley books and has them spread out on a table in Fellowship Hall. They are available to purchase at reduced cost. The author will autograph them when he comes to visit.

Kathy White will be our guest speaker at Harmony this Sunday. I am sure she will have something special planned for us. We need more people at Harmony Methodist. We are suffering as many churches with declined attendance. Come join our family and worship with us on Sunday. It could be just what you are looking for in your life.

Arline Meyers talked me into buying a couple of tickets to the Spaghetti Supper Fundraiser at the YMCA. Due to the bad weather, last year's tickets just stayed in my wallet. But it was a good donation to help kids with Y memberships.

The weatherperson says Friday will be a spring teaser so maybe we can make it to the dinner. Suzanne Neier and maybe a couple of the other ladies from church are going to join me. Come on over to the Y for dinner, bake sale, and auction.

Arline talked me out of one of my paintings for the auction, too. The painting had sentimental value but I have lots of sentimental values in the closet. This one actually had a frame from being hung in my first home purchased in the 1970's. The painting shows of a couple of pieces of pottery that I made in my first class with Dick Hay at Indiana State. I laid some peacock feathers (love peacocks!) on the pots, sketched, and painted it. The frame is a little worn but that's part of its history, too. I had three different home addresses written on the back as it traveled with me and went to various art shows in my early years. I scratched those out and wrote the current address in the empty space.

I was complaining about missing my birthday last Wednesday when good neighbor Patty Escott knocked at the door. She had braved the weather to go to Kroger's and get me a birthday cake. She made my day. How many times have I said what good neighbors I have? Thanks, Patty.

Eva Kay Trout-Roach picked me up on Thursday (the Envoy was still buried) to head to Mario's to celebrate her birthday. The rest of the family joined us. I took Patty's cake, less the part that was enjoyed on my special day. The waiter gave me a hard time about that missing chunk. We all took a piece of sweetness after our filling meal and shared cake with our waiters and waitresses. It was fun. Not a crumb survived. After a round of picture taking we had to head back out into the dreaded snow.

If you are headed to Mario's, pick up a card from Harmony Methodist. Mario will donate 50 cents of each order to the Mexico mission if you show the card. This is good for the whole month of February. Pastor Bob and others are traveling to Mexico on March 20 to help construct a church community building. They will be there until the March 28.

Some of my Southern Indiana friends were still without power on Tuesday. With all my snow complaints, I know we dodged the bullet. The ice would have been worse. That glaring white curse is much preferred to inches of line breaking ice.

Pastor Bob was at a 3-day retreat at St. Meinrad when the storm hit on Wednesday. They lost heat and electricity but just kept on going with their meetings. I don't know if the monks have power yet or not. Isn't it a contradiction that something so beautiful as ice and snow can be so destructive?

Happy Birthday to Bob Osborn (10th), Michael Maurer & Mark Weaver. Happy Belated Birthdays to my good friends Marilyn Smith and Joyce Vinson. Sorry.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar:

Feb. 8 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

Feb. 10 -- Bowling Leagues at Brazilian Lanes 6:30 p.m.

February 11 -- Women's Bible Study 9-10 AM, C. C. Christian Quilters 9 AM-3 PM

February 12 -- Wesleyan Workshop 7:00 PM

February 17 -- Phillip Gulley will discuss his new book

February 19 -- Worship Comm. 6:30, Admin. Bd. 7:00 PM

February 23 -- United Methodist Women 7:00 PM

February 25 -- Lent begins