Letter to the Editor

Chamber of Commerce applauds city

Sunday, February 22, 2009

To the Editor:

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce wishes to write this letter in support of the work being done by the City of Brazil regarding the potential $3 million Neighborhood Stabilization Program Grant.

The Chamber believes this initiative is a great step forward toward making positive changes within the community.

The Chamber is hopeful that the Grant will be awarded to the City of Brazil resulting in increased property values and a greater sense of local pride.

Making Brazil and the local community a better place to live advances the vision of the Chamber, which is to energize the region by creating exceptional business growth and profitability in a vibrant culture.

The Chamber offers its services to the city to further this cause. Programs that can help our community grow and prosper are greatly appreciated and supported by the Clay County Chamber of Commerce.

The Clay County Chamber of Commerce believes that today, there is a newfound feeling of cooperation between many branches of local government, including the Clay County Commissioners and the City of Brazil.

We support and encourage future growth through cooperation and community teamwork.

Phil Redenbarger, Chair of Government Affairs,

Clay County Chamber

of Commerce