Letter to the Editor

County needs to upgrade systems

Sunday, March 8, 2009

To the Editor:

I just noticed a very good article (in The Banner-Graphic).

The article was titled, "Emergency Notification System now available."

As a resident of Clay County now, and a 25-year former resident/emergency worker for Putnam County, I find this quite disturbing that Clay County can't protect our county in the same way.

I can say first-hand Putnam County is top-notch when it comes to safety of the citizens of Putnam County. The fire department doesn't complain on who is the best, and ambulance services are truly professional, having at least four ambulances on the streets.

As a safety profession, I always want to see safety get better for my fellow man. I also believe in being the best you can be personally.

I'm just wanting to know, what gives Clay County? I would love to see Clay County just as prepared as Putnam County in any emergency situation. Maybe it's time Clay County steps up to the challenge.

Clay County can do this if we put our minds and hearts into it. We need the foresight of "just because it has not happened, just puts us one day closer to it happening."

Don McMillin