Letter to the Editor

Thanks for helping get our dog back

Sunday, March 15, 2009

To the Editor:

On Saturday, Feb. 28, our 3-year-old German shepherd got out of our fenced yard.

My husband and I were heart-broken when he couldn't be found. Our 6-year-old grandson was in tears.

We searched three days. On March 3, a phone call at 7:30 a.m., informed us he was in the middle of (United States) 40 and (State Road) 59. When my husband arrived, he was gone and the chase was on.

I stayed by the phone to relay messages about his location to people who were actively searching. After many attempts to capture him, as well as several hours looking for him, he went through an opened gate to a fenced yard on south (SR 59).

While two men guarded the gate, my daughter was able to get a leash on our dog. I should mention my husband and I are both disabled. I am on a walker and he suffers from severe neuropathy. If not for the kind people of Brazil, who went out of their way to help, our lives would have suffered great.

I know many people will not understand why we were so upset. I feel sorry for them. Those of you who know what a comfort a pet can be and those of you who have a pet you consider as part of your family will understand.

Our thanks and prayers for helping in the search and return of our beloved Cherokee.


Jerry and Judy Taylor,