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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Last week I mentioned that I wasn't feeling my best. This week I feel much better. Thanks to an increased dosage of medication, my blood pressure is lower and the throbbing headache is gone.

If Paul's Life Source blood pressure monitor delivers accurate measurements, the trained observer will find a near equivalent of my readings, tomorrow. The thyroid medicine may or may not need to be adjusted. Test results are forthcoming.

I also, in recent days, think that Boniva, a once a month, pill taken to build stronger bones may not be as good for me as it is for actress, Sally Fields.

The side effects that I am experiencing are upsetting my apple cart.

My shoulders ache down to the bone. Skin deep, needle, and pin-like sensations dance beneath the skin of my arms and extend down to and include my fingertips.

I brought my concerns to the attention of my primary healthcare provider, as per instructions and I am glad I did.

I took a monthly dose of Boniva March 5, therefore; the goings on in these arms could give me fits several more days. There is no fix. If this is the source that is causing my problem, the medicine should be out of my system by April 5.

I am in no way attempting to discourage others, in regard to Boniva or other medicines formulated to treat bone disease.

I am sure many folks handle it well and lean toward the promise that the benefits outweigh the risks and side effects. Of those patients, countless have and/or will enjoyed better bone health.

But, fact is, after taking a generic pill for the purpose of treating osteoporosis that sent similar side effects to my system, as Boniva did: this senior may decide to give the natural aging process free passage, in short: opt to watch my step and chance it. That's not very wise, is it?

I look forward to spring clean-up. We certainly have plenty of work to do on the little blue house at the end of the road and the property that it sits on.

This week we will begin the removal of the giant dead catalpa tree that fell earlier. The Sartors are a small workforce, but we work well together and, sooner than later, that old treasure will be off of the landing site, and out of mind. Could be, I will try out my new chain saw and give those strange things moving about in my arms fits.

This is a tough economy. It could get worse before better. There was a time when I visited the supermarket filled the back seat and the trunk of the car with brown bags stuffed to the brims with groceries. We got a lot for our money, shopping was simple.

Now that Paul and I are faced with higher grocery prices, we search for bargains and redeem coupons. We cut the fat. I try to go by a list and stretch the dollar to the limits. I buy half as much and pay twice as much these days.

I manage those groceries --waste not and want not and more, still; we eat well.

Scratch cooking is a must and fast food has become a rare treat.

We dropped the sweet rolls and the Sartor's recently gained an appreciation for Splenda.

Homegrown fruit, vegetables, poultry, beef, pork, and wild game keep the freezers company year around.

I would like to add tame rabbits to the menu. Again, I am looking for a healthy doe of breeding age and a nice buck. May be you raise standard rabbits or know a breeder willing to sell to us.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, IN., or by email@aol.com.