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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Winter is still hanging around to torment us and put a damper on early spring. A rain and snow mix, wind, and cooler temperatures haven't done much for my mood this late date in the month of March. Rainy days and Sundays always get me down.

Things could be worse. Some folks from across the map are dealing with floodwaters and other natural weather related events far beyond compare to this.

On Friday, our daughter Lori Ann Patrick and her husband, Clifford was digging out of two feet of snow in Denver. Folks were told not to travel unless necessary. However, traveling was a must for my granddaughter, Olivia Erin Cory. She needed to shop for a perfect dress for a very special occasion, a prom.

The young lady will fly home to attend the junior/ senior prom of Terre Haute South High School with her date for the evening, a special friend.

Olivia will graduate soon from the high school she is currently enrolled at, in the Denver area, shortly after her return. She plans to enroll in culinary school, one of a choice of two institutes is presently being considered. She strives to become a learned chef, one of the best, however; journalism is a passion that she may not ignore. Her gifts could and may be expanded.

Her sister Elizabeth Cory is a freshman at Virginia Tech. She is very focused on her quest to become a veterinarian.

Lori's two eldest daughters are busy moms.

Mary, my namesake is taking guitar lessons. She received an electric Fender for her birthday.

I hear she is a quick study. We could have a rocker in the family.

Today is gorgeous there, Lori reports. The sun is shining brightly overhead, spring has returned and the Rocky Mountains are breathtakingly beautiful. My girl was enjoying the scenic drive from the airport where she works to the Lakewood area, her home.

She will undergo a biopsy of the thyroid gland on Monday. Lori has had several surgeries associated with the neck over the years, since early childhood, for the most part involving the salivary glands. When she grew up, new problems of similarity surfaced and more painful surgeries and scar tissue followed.

My maternal grandmother was said to have had an underactive thyroid, same as me. Mother was spared the problem. I have been treating the deficient activity of my thyroid gland, a resultant bodily condition characterized by a lower metabolic rate and general loss of vigor (hypothyroidism) over twenty years. Synthroid takes care of that.

Starla, our eldest daughter has the same problem.

In 2005, I underwent surgery to remove a large non-malignant tumor from my neck; the abnormal growth complicated the functions of the throat and salivary glands. It was not a goiter.

My sister, Sandra Gallardo is a thyroid cancer survivor. It is clear to see why we women keep on our toes.

Hopefully, Lori's biopsy results will put her mind at ease and her problem can be treated without further surgery.

Starla and her daughter, Lindsay Terry has planned a fun celebration this weekend in Las Vegas. Lindsay is a teacher at Delaware Trails Elementary in Brownsburg. This week she is on spring break.

The mother and daughter are calling their long weekend outing -- "30-50", in celebration of their birthdays. I know they will have a wonderful time.

Lindsay is scheduled to have gall bladder surgery shortly after the ball is over and following, "What goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas!"

Grandma will ask lovely Lindsay about the surgery and then pry the rest of what my inquisitive mind wants to know out of her.

So I like to hear about class acts, good eats shopping, nice hotels and slot machines. My last vacation was when our girls were still living at home.

Now don't feel sorry for me, because I am quite content hanging around the little blue house at the end of the road. Now that spring is here I'll be traveling all over this place--a working machine, yesterday's child at play.

Happy Birthday to Paul Baby and to my sister-in- law, his twin sister, Pauline Brookover of Waverly, West Virginia! They will be 70, April 6! Thanks to the late Winifred Goodman Sartor Swain for two very nice small favors.

Thanks to the readers that emailed and contacted me by phone last week. I appreciate you.

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor @aol.com.