Letter to the Editor

Student picks Indiana for project

Sunday, April 5, 2009

To the Editor:

I am a fifth-grade student at Oak Point Intermediate School in Eden Prairie, Minn.

I have adopted your state as a class project.

Please send me one postcard from your state.

Please do not send anything but a postcard.

We are unable to accept letters or packages due to safety precautions.

I am writing in hope of getting a postcard from as many different people as possible.

It would be great if some will take the time to write a short note on the postcard telling me something interesting or special about your state.

I hope readers can help me with my project. My classmates are also doing this project. Each of us has chosen a different state. I would like to become an expert on your state.

Please accept my thanks in advance for your help.

Tanui Mehta,

Oak Point Intermediate School

13400 Staring Lake


Eden Prairie, Minn., 55347-1800