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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Oh what a beautiful Saturday! The sun is shining brightly and, today; all is good in my world! However, it is unlikely that our outside pets will be hearing my work song today, because I am tired.

I didn't sleep much last night. You know what I am saying here. Think about it. Sleepless to a fault!

Lying here in repose, this action figure worked all night at painting the blue garage behind the house. My restless mind handled the paintbrush, stroked on my favorite blue paint, without wasting a drop and finished the task, with excellent results.

I, then, cleaned all the debris from the ditch along Elm Street, both sides, stopping short of Strain Street and managed to cut the tender early spring- grasses hereabouts of our place.

My mind ran rampant and every fiber of my body, including my callused and blistered hands begged for more chores.

I moved my restless legs, dismounted my bicycle, yes my bicycle, worked out a charley horse, and adjusted the soft fragrant smelling covers.

I shut my eyes with the idea to close my mind too and think about nothing, an impossible midnight dream. Then out of the blue dinnertime was before me.

Chef Mary cooked a spread of mouth-watering fried chicken and prepared all the trimmings. I baked two decadent desserts from the Splenda cookbook that Paul, the borderline diabetic brought home from work. This neat freak cleaned up the dishes afterward and washed the work clothes.

I was working circles around my eyes and killing precious sleep time. Wonder Woman on a skateboard getting it done, my blonde ponytail catching the breeze!

I used speed and agility, a youthful housewife with skills--no chills, pills, or senior spills.

Oh, I was proud of my work, but reality was that; this old workhorse wasn't getting anywhere!

I forced myself up and out of the workplace frenzy and searched out the extra strength Tylenol. My arm was asleep and my hip pained, but these eyelids were far from droopy.

Careless me stepped on a rusty nail the day before. I was feeling pain coming from the tender spot on the sole of my left foot.

The bony hammertoe was arched like and inch- worm does, putting a squeeze on the big toe with an ailing nail. That called for separation, but super woman was too wired to bother.

I knew dawn was drawing near, but this strung out lady left her glasses on the sleeper's nightstand. I am blind as a bat without them.

I could not see the face on the clock and felt a little ticked about that. I didn't want to disturb sleeping beauty. He deserves a goodnight's rest, every night.

This gal with the strength of a ShamWow couldn't clean up the mess that my night became.

This snack maker toasted a slice of wheat bread, spread on a pat of butter, and drank a small glass of 2 percent milk.

When I returned to the big four-poster bed, in pink and mauve bedroom, in the little blue house at the end of the road, this pooped-out night shift worker, quietly, grabbed her specks and checked out the time piece on the antique dresser. Little time remained to fall asleep, if I were to realize any rest.

I threw up the window sash nearby my sleeping space, took in a deep cool breath of fresh air and jumped into bed and covered up. Sleep came, I'm not sure when.

The person next to me slept through my lackluster night and was bright eyed and bushy tailed when it was time to leave to go to work at Sears today.

Little bear questioned, " How did you you sleep, honey?" I growled back, "Don't ask!"

So - why was I so stressed out last night? My coffee cup was on the shelf.

Yesterday, Paul and I worked on the catalpa tree project that of which is now near completion. This helper staked wood, raked and a myriad of other tasks. The wheels were turning for both of us; we were on a roll.

This morning I took a closer look at all the work that I did in my head last night and decided that it might be best to redo it and spread that out over several days, like we are working the aforementioned project. It was clear to see that; I didn't even touch the surface.

I am glad the sleep problems that I have are rare, few and far between.

Worse than all of that, I could have experienced a reoccurrence of a bad dream.

Well folks, it's shortly after lunch and almost time to lay me down to sleep. Good afternoon!

I can be reached at 446-4852 or drop me a line to 613 North Elm St., Brazil, IN., 47834 or by email at pmlsartor@aol.com.