Letter to the Editor

Recalling fond memories at restaurant

Sunday, April 19, 2009

To the Editor:

As to the closing of the "The Coffee Cup" which will always be known to some of us as "The Blue Bonnet:"

I remember going to "the restaurant" with my uncle Paul. We would sit at the lunch counter, and I would order a cheeseburger. It came with the biggest slice of onion I ever saw. I was afraid my uncle was going make me eat it, but I think he didn't like onions either.

I would go for breakfast with my dad (Jim). It was always a special treat for me! Usually we would go Saturday mornings before we would cut trees. I could eat three pancakes, two eggs, chocolate milk, and if my brother didn't eat his bacon, it was mine!

I moved away from Brazil in 1986 and returned in 2002. Being single, I didn't want to cook for myself, so I went to the "Brazil Family Restaurant" for biscuits and gravy, but I can't eat like I use to.

Though the name changes, the restaurant remains a meeting place for all.

I don't know how many names it has had, but as long as the building is there, that "Busy Corner" will always hold special memories to me.

Randy Skelton,