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Harmony Happenings

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Congratulations to Debbie Gottsche. She is a proud grandma. Daughter Jan and her hubby Keith Bowen have a gorgeous new little one named Mara Adyson Ruth Bowen. She was born on April 10 and made her first, of what we hope will be many, appearance at Harmony United Methodist Church last Sunday.

Grandma can bring her to church every time little Mara comes down to visit from Indianapolis. Debbie had two "Braggin' Grandma" photo albums that she shared with us. Cute baby.

Pastor Bob Kumpf was at the Emmaus Walk at Clay City this past weekend. David Brinson and the musical group "Standing By" provided the Worship Service message at Harmony. Dave Shorter assisted.

"Standing By" is a three member group from Spencer. They came from the Methodist and Nazarene churches there. Dave Miller, Bruce and Lynn Yates gave us a lively and inspiring musical treat. Some selections were old favorites and others were more modern pieces.

Two of the Yates children visited us, too. Little Alicia even joined in on one of the choruses. Lynn shared how God had helped her through her battle with breast cancer.

After Worship Service, the Harmony United Methodist Women held a Pie Auction to raise money for missions. The blackberry cobbler, chocolate chip cookies, and the two bags of fresh mushrooms fetched high prices. The auction raised about $700.

Thanks to Chris Pell for being the auctioneer and to Fritz Maurer for doing his very best Vanna White imitation. Thanks to everyone who made and/or bought the baked goods.

Harmony United Methodist Women met at the church Monday night. Kenda Dierdorf had prepared a tasty make-your-own taco feast. She also made fruit salad and had little cookies to dip into chocolate chip cheese ball. Very tasty.

The ladies decided to have the Mother/Daughter Banquet on Monday, May p.m. All ladies of our church will be invited. Some congregations in the county are too small to have a woman's organization. Those ladies are always welcome at our meetings and especially at the banquet.

Those attending the Mother/Daughter Banquet are asked to bring a covered dish (more if you have several guests) and your own table service. Barbara Pell will bake a ham and Carolyn Kumpf will bake the dinner rolls.

Because Beautiful Brides are the theme, we would like to look at everyone's wedding memories. Bring pictures or albums to share with the group. Weddings are always a special time in families and an especially appropriate theme for this time of year.

The UMW has some projects that are still in the planning stages. They hope to make scarves for cancer patients. We will do this after experimenting with some cotton fabrics to see what is most appropriate.

Restoring the Nativity has been an on-going project that should be completed this year. A work session is planned at Stoney Stitzle's workshop (otherwise known as his playhouse) on June 13. Some figures still need repairs but several are already ready for a final coat of paint.

The ladies concluded their meeting with a well-planned lesson by Barbara Pell. She talked about prayer and self-denial and then took a special collection for two missions of UMW.

The First Christian Church will have Share Food sign-up on Saturday, May 16 from 9-11 a.m. This allows the group to buy a large number of food items and pass the savings along to those folks who have signed up for the program. The food can then be picked up at the church on Saturday, May 30.

I had an email from old VB classmate Jack Brammer. He asked about several classmates but most I had not talked to recently. Some of us emailed each other upset about the death of classmate Don Davis. Everyone sends condolences to his family.

Jack has been involved in a cross-country motorcycle fundraiser for veteran's families and is involved in many related charities. The next motorcycle trip will take him to DC for Memorial Day to stop at war memorials and go to hospitals to visit wounded soldiers. He plans to say a prayer at The Wall for our fallen classmates and his cousin Gary.

Jack sent a couple of websites about his activities: SnowballExpress.org and RFTW.org (I haven't had a chance to check them out yet). He hopes to see Maxine Eldridge in Philly, visit some cousins in Ohio, and then stop in Clay County for a week on his way back to California. Maybe we can get a group together at Chaney's like we did when Mike Mace was visiting. I hear Mike is moving but haven't confirmed it.

Thanks to Uncle John for servicing and deciding the fate of my riding lawn mower. Thanks to Brother Mikey for helping mow the Back 40 because my old Craftsman was barely chugging. Good neighbor Patty Escott helped me finish out the mowing at the end of last season. This season shows no improvement in Old Crafty. The rider still runs but all the parts, that do the mowing, are just shot.

It is time to bite the bullet and go mower shopping with one of my brothers, experts in all things mechanical. I have thought about it for three years and now I am forced to take action. Could it have been fixed one more time? It mows like it is beating cake batter but maybe it might get better. Right? Each lawn section takes 3-4 extra passes to actually cut (or whip) off the grass and that was after the blade was sharpened. An old lady with a walker and a pair of scissor could move faster but I'm attached to that old rider.

It was just yesterday, in August 1991, that I picked out that mower from the Jasper Sears store. It was all shiny in the front window and the salesman said it had the good motor that wouldn't overheat. It had a 3-year service warranty. It had a locking brake for safety and a headlamp for night mowing. It was nice.

I bought it as a birthday present for my ex-husband. He wasn't an ex, then. He was all shiny and new, too. Life lesson number ten thousand something: mowers last about two years longer and are quite a bit more dependable than husbands. Bag the cut grass and turn it into good compost. Life goes on.

Old Crafty has chewed up acres of green stuff, many a stick, shaved some tree roots, tried to eat a chain, and survived a lot of abuse through three moves and 18 years. I guess he has earned retirement. Maybe I'll get one of those fancy zero turn jobbies if I take out a second mortgage or sell one of my kidneys. Be sure to wave when you see me fly across the yard on my new riding mower sometime soon. I'll be the pudgy one wearing a floppy hat and carrying an easy payment plan tucked under my elbow.

Happy Birthday to Devin Tackett on May 2.

Harmony United Methodist Calendar

May 3 -- Worship Service 9 a.m., Sunday School 10:45 a.m.

May 8 -- Women's Bible Study 9-10 a.m., Christian Quilters 9 a.m.-3 p.m.